TMI WARNING: What is this on my mum’s toe?

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ReluctantHomeschooler Fri 12-Feb-21 13:00:15

Mum’s toe has been like this since November. She’s tried putting antiseptic cream on it and that helped a bit, but not much. It’s really painful.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Crazycatstory Fri 12-Feb-21 13:29:44

It looks a bit like a pressure ulcer. Does she wear tight fitting shoes?

Shehasadiamondinthesky Fri 12-Feb-21 13:33:30

NHS podiatrist here, it looks like an ulcer. If she's a diabetic she needs to get help immediately, if she is not a diabetic she still needs to seek help as developing ulcers on toes that are untreated can quickly lead to a bone infection that can lead to loss of a toe.

ReluctantHomeschooler Fri 12-Feb-21 13:34:05

@Crazycatstory No, she’s been ill so sits on the sofa all day. And she just wears slippers.

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Thatwentbadly Fri 12-Feb-21 13:34:58

I would guess at bedsore. She definitely needs immediate medical attention.

ReluctantHomeschooler Fri 12-Feb-21 13:35:46

How do you get an ulcer?

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MaMisled Fri 12-Feb-21 13:37:35

Possibly a symptom of diabetes. That should be assessed very soon.


ReluctantHomeschooler Fri 12-Feb-21 13:38:52

She has just been discharged from hospital. Would diabetes have shown up?

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bjjgirl Fri 12-Feb-21 13:40:10

Can you get those from running I have a similar less red one on my toe but it's healing now?

Shehasadiamondinthesky Fri 12-Feb-21 13:41:36

Usually starts with a blister that festers. Can be a sign of neuropathy, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis etc. Can be caused by a hammer toe, high or uncontrolled blood sugar and any manner of other illnesses. Also a patch of callus that has broken down.
The toe looks slightly swollen to me which says this is going west. get down to the GP asap, once the bone is infected that usually means the toe has to be amputated OR a very long course of doxycycline or flucloxacillin and weekly dressings.
Don't leave it, get it seen today.

Shehasadiamondinthesky Fri 12-Feb-21 13:42:30

You don't have to have diabetes to get this.

ReluctantHomeschooler Fri 12-Feb-21 14:45:18

She also has 2 red and shiny fingers. They e also been like that for the same amount of time, about 2 months.

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ReluctantHomeschooler Fri 12-Feb-21 18:24:57

Thanks everyone. I called 111 them her GP called and the District Nurse is going to call round.

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