How do I stop drinking????????? No Willpower [hsad]

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forgawdssake Thu 01-Nov-07 14:04:05

I drink too much, sometimes 4 or 5 pints a night. I occasionally have the odd day where I don't drink, but not often.

I know I should drink as much as I do, but I don't seem to have any willpower. I don't drink all day and only once the children have gone to bed - I have 3 and as much as I love them I find life as a mum so frustrating and really feel like they drive me to it!!

I often make sure there is no alcohol in the house so that I won't be tempted and then I will feel like I really want a drink so get some. Trouble is I enjoy it and I enjoy the feelings it gives me.

I don't consider myself an alcoholic, but I probably could be if I let myself.

Anyone else in this situation.

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slim22 Thu 01-Nov-07 14:09:52

I've read so many are not alone!
The problem is we don't want 1 drink....we want 5!
I found only on thing works: Going cold turkey.

forgawdssake Thu 01-Nov-07 14:12:44

but so hard to actually do........especially when DH likes to drink as well and doesn't feel that its a problem........

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forgawdssake Thu 01-Nov-07 14:15:26

any tips for going cold tukery and staying of the alcohol? I am sure my liver isn't a happy bunny!!

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fakeblonde Thu 01-Nov-07 14:16:24

You are relying on alcohol too much but at least you have realised this.
Perhaps you should visit your gp ?
If you are using alcohol as a prop because of lifes stresses ect look at some healthier and less expensive options ?
5 pints a night i have no idea how much that costs but if its a fiver thas nearly 2 grand a year - imagine the health club you could join for that !
If you dont think your an alcoholic then just dont drink for a month and see if it bothers you ?
I drink too much-but not that much.I drink a glass of wine with dinner 4 or 5 nights a week but once a fortnight i drink prob 4 glasses if i go out with friends for a meal.
Doesn`t beer make you bloated ?

fakeblonde Thu 01-Nov-07 14:18:07

I`ve just gone cold turkey with smoking and its been ok.
Just dont do it x

slim22 Thu 01-Nov-07 14:19:14

I know!
We used to crack a bottle open every night without thinking about it.
We decided to only drink when out of the house or with guests. (I'm actually now pg so easy).
I guess it helps if you do it together.


forgawdssake Thu 01-Nov-07 14:21:58

fakeblonde - I did that with smoking as well and managed to stop easily!! As I said I actually enjoy a drink and its my way of relaxing once the kids have gone to bed. I did stop for a few months so I know I can do it - but I assumed that I would be able to just have one drink and that would be enough - but it never is, and now I'm back to my old habits - and yes I would call it a habit. I drink Cider mainly, lager if thats all there is and Ionly feel bloated if I eat as well .

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slim22 Thu 01-Nov-07 14:22:55

You just stop. that's it. take a hot bath, read a book, find other ways to relax.
I know what you are going to say, I can do all that with a can in my hand..........
Try for a month and see how you feel.

forgawdssake Thu 01-Nov-07 14:22:59

Trouble is I want to excercise and lose some weight, but drinking means I can't be bothered the next day - and even though I know all this, I still drink. I'm just after a few practical tips for not drinkin

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forgawdssake Thu 01-Nov-07 14:24:39

Yes Slim22 - when I was pregnant with my 3 I automatically stopped for the whole pregnancy and it didn't bother me at all. I need a real reason to stop - keep wondering whether to have my liver checked so that if its knackered It will force me to stop - drastic I know

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fakeblonde Thu 01-Nov-07 14:25:35

Could you maybe fill up on water and eat mints-nothing tastes nice with mint taste in mouth ?
Change your routine and maybe be out exercising for a few nights ?
Work overtime ?
Bake ?

forgawdssake Thu 01-Nov-07 14:42:11

I could, but thats boring wink!!!!!!! Drinking is much more fun - thats why its hard for me not to do it. Am I really a no-hoper???

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loopylou6 Thu 01-Nov-07 15:04:40

i was EXACTLy the same as u FGS, i was drinking a bottle of wine a night and at the weekend it would be vodka, whiskey, u name it lol (im not an alcoholic by the way and never EVER get legless) i just liked the feeling of being relaxed, drink gave me a diff feeling than how i felt in the day so i understand where u are coming from, it wasnt untill the niggle at the back of my mind turned into a real concern for the damage iw as doing to my liver and i decided i really had to stop, i havnt drank for 2 weeks now and last weekend i thought i would have a bottle of wine, which i did and i really didnt enjoy it and felt so ill the next day and to be honest i can really say im happier being sober now. I suggest u start taking milk thistle (amazing stuff) and curl up with a good book or watch a film instead. smile not much help i know but i thought it may help u knowing that someone else has had the same experiance.

MayaKaya Thu 01-Nov-07 15:43:31

Ooh - what does milk thistle do?

loopylou6 Thu 01-Nov-07 15:44:57

it detoxes the liver, in the olden days before they had medicine they used to give patients with liver complaints milk thistle to sort them out, its a plant and its fabulous, google it and find out all about it

MayaKaya Thu 01-Nov-07 15:48:48

Will do - thanks smile

fawkeoff Thu 01-Nov-07 15:54:33

get yourself a money box and out in what you spend on drink in there at treat yourself with the savings.Ihave just stopped smoking so have stopped going out for a while, and stopped having my weekend tipple while watching the x factor.It is not as hard as you think

forgawdssake Thu 01-Nov-07 16:22:35

Thanks Loopylou, nice to know I'm not the only one! Well done on not drinking for 2 weeks. The idea about the moneybox is a good one too!! I have 2 cans left in the fridge and willprob that tonight - then I will make a real effort to not drink over the weekend!

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bodycolder Thu 01-Nov-07 16:36:19

You need to work out why you find life without drink bring and go from there because life without isn't boring You are putting obstacles in the way of any suggestion which is classic alcoholic behaviour I'm afaid to say.Try drinking only at weekends?

Jekks Tue 31-Dec-19 05:24:11

Just wondering if you ever managed to give up? I know this was years ago but it came up when i searched on giving up drinking. I felt like I was the one writing it as its identical to my situation. I too am looking for tips on just stopping.

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