Left ovary pain. Possible miscarriage or ectopic

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Bx121 Wed 20-Jan-21 14:45:42

Hi guys.

It's been a hell of a week for me. I had been trying for nearly 11 months to conceive my 2nd child and I finally got a bfp on 10th Jan.

I spotted brown blood but come the Tuesday I had passed a small clot. I called the doc and said I'm not sure but I maybe miscarrying.

She advised because it was so early on in pregnancy that there was no way to tell if if I had or not. And that I wouild need to wait 13 days till I was 6 weeks so they can do a vaginal scan. And 7 weeks would be a normal belly scan.

The wait was horrific. I'm still bleeding now. I've passed tissue, brown blood, red blood, dark brown/black blood and 'coffee grounds'. So I was sure I miscarried.

I did a test on Sunday 17th, Monday 18th and yesterday 19th. And they look as though they're getting darker!?!!!

I mean if that's not confusing then I don't know what.

I've had a pain in my right ovary too so I am so scared about that. As everything is now pointing to ectopic.

I'm so worried but calmer now that somethig is being done. I had some bloods Tues and today so when results come we can see my HCG levels and what they are doing.my results from Tues are 343hcg.

I hope to god its not ectopic, as bad as it sounds I would rather a miscarriage. sad

Had anyone else experienced this? Can you see the rise on the tests?

I should get my blood results tomorrow. I'm so so scared.

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Bx121 Wed 20-Jan-21 14:48:11

I forgot to say that the pain in my ovary comes and goes and I also got a few cramps last few days.

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RinkyD Wed 20-Jan-21 18:33:39

I had an ectopic. Symptoms: should tip pain, pain round overies when bending down, prue juice coloured blood. Not visible on ultrasound, HCG levels did not rise or fall over 24 hours. I would insist on being investigated. My GP fobbed me off, i went private, i was operated on with 36 hours, I was at risk of death. If you feel it is one , shout.

Bx121 Wed 20-Jan-21 19:10:27

Hi. @RinkyD

I'm sorry to hear of your experience but so glad you pushed for help!!

I will defo push for it if I need it.

Do you know if you can still have ectopic and hcg levels rise quite considerably? Or can I rule it out?

I just wish I could have a scan now! So annoying that it's too small to see.

Thank you for providing your symptoms. I don't seem to have them so far apart from the pain in one ovary. And my symptoms
(brown blood).

Will let you know my test results when I get them tomorrow xx

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Bx121 Wed 20-Jan-21 20:20:52

I seem to have been wrong in thinking what 'prune juice' is like. I imagined dark brown thicker than water, like syrup. But do people just say prune juice instead of brown blood?

Well.... If so, I must be having an ectopic.

I don't want to believe it but all the signs are there. Urghhh, it took so long just to get that bfp. sad

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RinkyD Wed 20-Jan-21 20:32:36

It’s like a light purple colour. I think brown blood is old and more likely a m/c. I got brown blood with my first pregnancy that was a m/c. No brown blood with ectopic.

SE13Mummy Wed 20-Jan-21 20:40:24

My ectopic was a long time ago now (over ten years) and my symptoms didn't involve obvious bleeding, only excruciating pain on one side. The pain didn't diminish with a warm bath, hot water bottle or any of my usual remedies and at times I could barely speak. I ended up in A&E and then had emergency surgery as it was an ectopic pregnancy and had ruptured.

A couple of months before that, and a few months later, I had a miscarriage. On each occasion, my main symptoms of miscarriage were my hair coming out in the shower when I washed my hair, breasts no longer tender and definite bleeding. The second miscarriage was unmistakable as the volume of blood was significant.

At the time, DC1 was three and I was desperate for them to have a sibling. Whereas getting pregnant with DC1 happened within a couple of weeks of coming off the pill, it had taken over a year to get pregnant again so the first miscarriage was gutting. Following that with a ruptured ectopic, a removed fallopian tube and then another miscarriage, it did feel as though DC2 might never happen. I went back on the pill because I felt as though I needed a few months of actively avoiding pregnancy. When I came off it again, DH and I decided that pregnancy #5 would be our final one regardless of outcome. Outcome is now 11-yrs-old.

I hope your results tomorrow will give you a definite answer. I'm not sure how helpful my post will have been but for quite some time after the ectopic, I felt a bit like one of those cartoon characters that has had a bang on the head and has stars whizzing around them. The hormonal, and emotional, impact was far greater than I'd imagined it would be.


LividLoving Wed 20-Jan-21 20:40:39

I had no symptoms with my ectopic until it ruptured and I nearly died.

You must push to be seen as a matter of urgency. Try your local EPU.

Bx121 Thu 21-Jan-21 09:51:01


Thank you all for your replies and providing me with knowledge from your stories.

Sadly my HCG only increased slightly from 343 to 443 sad They have me going in for a scan today.

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RinkyD Thu 21-Jan-21 10:27:57

Oh dear, it looks like it could be sad news. But just to caution you they could not see my ectopic even with a vaginal scan. I was dismissed from one hospital as just a m/c. It was only when I saw a consultant that he knew right away. I hope they see clearly on the scan and you get resolution but be prepared to fight for further investigation if they don’t see anything.

When i later got pregnant i had a scan at 5+2 and 6+2 so they can do early ones, you just don’t see a lot.

I hope you get a clear resolution. X

justoffering Thu 21-Jan-21 10:35:24

Sending hugs

I've had 2 ectopics☹️ first one I thought was a miscarriage no pain at all but heavy bleeding no shoulder tip pain or anything. A week later I went for a scan to check everything had passed and they found ectopic I was rushed in for emergency surgery and tube removal that night my hcg levels were very high

The second no bleeding or pain but was scanned early due to previous experience and they couldnt see anything but my hcg levels were very low then went down 48 hours later but rose again 48 hours after that. A week later I started bleeding and fortunately it resolved itself

I really hope it's not ectopic but I think hcg levels are meant to double every 24-48 hours for it to be a viable pregnancy

Wishing you luck

Bx121 Thu 21-Jan-21 11:24:48

Thanks all. Xxx

@SE13Mummy, you really did go through alot but came out the other side! Which is fantastic. Xx

I too wished for a 2nd baby close to my daughters age. She nearly 17 months now. I wanted a a year, year and a half gap. But it's taken too long to conceive and when we do. This happens. It would have been perfect a 2 year age gap.
I'm just gutted.

Scan is at 2. I'm expecting the worst.

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RinkyD Thu 21-Jan-21 14:40:54

Let us know how you got on.

Lililou Thu 21-Jan-21 15:52:26

I sincerely hope it's not an ectopic. My only advice to you is to keep pushing and read up on the NICE guidelines so you know what they should be doing, there is pretty of info for both miscarriage and ectopic - and it's much better than googling.

It's awful that we have to push but I've heard so many other women had to do the same. I had to keep pushing to get a scan on a weekend after them repeatedly refusing, they still refused even though a private scan had already picked up my ectopic and my HCG levels were too high for it to be managed with medication, it had to be surgery.

It's sad when you hear so many stories of delayed diagnosis and treatment leading to it unnecessarily rupturing. Luckily I wasn't one of them but I think I was close. I started to get minor pangs as I was waiting to go into surgery so I think it was a matter of time.

I don't mean to worry you but it can help to arm yourself with knowledge and to insist on the checks they should be doing. Thinking of you. X

justoffering Thu 21-Jan-21 18:18:54

How did you get on @Bx121

Bx121 Thu 21-Jan-21 19:45:53


Thanks for your messages 💕

So still no real answers apart from if there is a baby it's not viable.
So either a miscarriage or ectopic.
Had 2 scans, vaginal and belly ultrasound.
Had examination and Internal.
More bloods tomorrow. And then that will determine it I think.
As bad as it sounds, in the grand scheme of things, I hope its a miscarriage.
So hopefully the blood results show hcg drop. 🤞😞😣 Xx the consultant thinks its a miscarriage but only the bloods will show this. They said they take ectopic quite seriously so will act promptly. So tomorrow will know my plan xx

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LetMeOut2021 Thu 21-Jan-21 19:51:17

Hi OP, glad you’re being investigated. I had an ectopic recently. HCG levels continued to rise but not as they would in a healthy pregnancy. I had coffee ground type bleeding too.
My levels were monitored over 10 days.

I didn’t have shoulder tip pain and wasn’t in agony, despite rupturing and losing a lot of blood internally. So I wasn’t taken seriously. It took me a long time to be seen by a consultant and only because I complained about the care I’d received by a Junior Doctor - I’m glad I did as when I saw the consultant she found the rupture almost instantly and that was my third scan. I was rushed to theatre.

I’m glad you’ve seen a consultant, please don’t ignore any new symptoms.

LetMeOut2021 Thu 21-Jan-21 19:53:43

Also to add - I’m 12 weeks now, I conceived four months after my ectopic. I had an early placement scan.

I’m so sorry for your loss whatever the outcome, but wanted to share my success to offer a glimmer of hope for the future.

Bx121 Thu 21-Jan-21 20:46:44

Hi @LetMeOut2021

Oh wow, Ok, so you had the coffee grounds too with ectopic. I'm sorry to about your loss.

Tomorrow we will tell after my next set of bloods, what is happening.

But so happy you got the end light at the end of the tunnel. That does give me hope. Thank you. 💕

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LetMeOut2021 Thu 21-Jan-21 20:54:43

Hoping for the best possible outcome OP. I know how awful this period is. I called it being pregnant not pregnant. Please let us know how you get on.

Lililou Thu 21-Jan-21 21:16:22

Sorry if not clearer for you yet OP. If the bloods do indicate ectopic then it's positive that they said they take them seriously and will deal with it. It sounds like you're in good hands. I know it will be almost impossible to think of anything else but if you can find something else to focus your energy on the next couple of days it might help. The wait can be awful. Thinking of you x

goose1964 Thu 21-Jan-21 21:57:43

I had pain like that, I went to hospital where they found that my baby was implanted right at the opening of the fallopian tube so millimetres off being eptopic. He's now nearly 30.

RinkyD Thu 21-Jan-21 22:17:23


If anything changes even in the slightest go to A&E, if pain increases at all or you start losing more blood, just go.

I know what you mean about hoping for a m/c, because I have been there.

I lost the tube (with the baby) but I did get pg again, took a while, but was not really trying.

I know someone who lost a tube, but then fired out 3 in quick succession. I found really comfort in the ectopic pregnancy trust forum both for the emotional healing and the fertility journey that followed.

Hope those bloods drop by tomorrow.

Someone1987 Thu 21-Jan-21 22:17:49

My HCG went to over 10,000 with my ectopic pregnancy. It was misdiagnosed by the hospital, had emergency surgery and lost my tube. Didn't have pain, I was unusual. If your HCG is lower they can give you methotrexate if it's ectopic.

Lililou Thu 21-Jan-21 23:05:57

Gosh that is high @Someone1987. Did yours rupture? How many weeks pregnant were you?

Agree with @RinkyD any pain, get yourself to A&E

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