Dry socket or normal pain post wisdom tooth extraction?

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JanewaysBun Sat 16-Jan-21 22:36:02

Hi all
I've recently had my wisdom teeth removed (and a follow up to my old thread - all went well with the GA)
but now I am in THE WORST PAIN
I am between 48-52 hrs post op, I remember the doctor said it would get worst before it got better but now the one that was most severely impacted is really REALLY hurting. I've just taken the painkillers I was prescribed and this is definitely taking the edge off.

Haven't seen any clots but might call tomorrow if it get worse for the doctor to check.

Any words of wisdom?

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JanewaysBun Sat 16-Jan-21 22:36:48

Actually I'm nearer 60 hrs post operation

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iknowimcoming Sat 16-Jan-21 22:52:31

I had a dry socket - it was some of the worst pain I have experienced, I actually cried on the phone to the dentist and begged them to see me, painkillers did nothing to help. Clove oil is what you need, tastes evil but numbs the pain, you should be able to get some at a chemist tomorrow, hope you feel better soon

JanewaysBun Sat 16-Jan-21 22:56:14

Thank you! X

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EarthWonderer Sat 16-Jan-21 23:05:50

try Orajel extra strength local anesthetic - rub it on the gum around the tooth, and it will help to numb the pain. Buy from any pharmacy.

Hope you get better soon. flowers

JanewaysBun Sat 16-Jan-21 23:08:08

Thank you!

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SpudsandGravy Sun 17-Jan-21 20:24:20

As others have said, get oil of cloves. I had an extraction some years ago and it was absolute agony. Painkillers didn't touch it. I read somewhere about oil of cloves and got some. I poured it into a saucer and applied liberally with a soaked cotton wool bud. Instant relief! I hope you feel better soon x thanks

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