Petrified of tonsillitis

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Notthis2 Fri 15-Jan-21 13:49:57

I know there are worse things and generally I’m quite tough. But this is one illness I really find it hard to cope with. It’s prob because I suffered with it so much as a child. I should have got my tonsils out , no idea why I didn’t..
As an adult I get it a lot less thankfully but one of my dc gets it very badly once a year. When he gets it he is very , very sick . I’m exactly the same , it’s proper bacterial tonsillitis, very high temp, totally unable to function , blinding headaches , vomiting , not able to breath properly. I’ve ended up in hospital cause I stupidly delayed antibiotics before and it was so grim.
I’m lucky in that we never seem to get any illness except this one and it’s only one of my children whose prone to it. Because it’s not frequent and only started at 6 years old I didn’t think they should be taken out as I know tonsils protect against Infections going to the chest and only once a year is not often .
Today I notice said dc is pale and when I looked with a torch I saw a tonsil stone 🤢, I can’t get it out properly (and I know it’s not advised), it’s definitely a tonsil stone other than that he’s ok but it’s bothering him. Please tell me these don’t cause tonsillitis as now I’m worried. When he gets it he’s so sick and then I always get it off him and I can’t say how hard I’ve found it looking after my kids with full blown tonsillitis, I actually can’t function. The next few weeks are busy and my dh working a lot as am I a little and all dcs at home so I can’t face this.... If anyone has any tips at getting rid of it (I can get rid of my own when I have to 🤢) but it’s impossible with my dc.

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