Returning to work after chemotherapy

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Santa01 Wed 13-Jan-21 13:59:15

Hi, nearly finished my four rounds of chemo for BC and was wondering how long you all waited after wards before going back to work. I won't be having any more treatment after this only annual check ups.

I felt ok after my previous three treatments just a little tired and odd taste in my mouth.

Will be working from home 3 days a week when I do return. HR have only called me once but just to ask how I was coping so and didn't mention returning so I'm guessing they are leaving the ball in my court... Tho my immediate manager was texting asking about my plans etc.... But at the same time she wasn't being forceful.

Thanks for any advice

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myfatiguehastiredness Fri 15-Jan-21 16:42:50


I didn't have chemo for my bc but did have four ops (margins a bit stubborn) and went back to work fat too soon after op 4. Then had radio. Worked first week and then couldn't do any more. Again, went back a bit too soon. I now have chronic fatigue type stuff that happens unless I pace myself. My job is full on and stressful though. My advice is take your time. When you go back everyone assumes you are back to how you are and inwardly you just want to scream I HAVE HAD CANCER at them. It is a bit of a mind adjustment to be honest so don't underestimate that. I think a lot of people rush back because they want normality and are also bored plus work is a distraction but take it slow. I'd do two days first before the three. Everyone is very kind for the first week or two but after that the demands and stress start.

randomsabreuse Fri 15-Jan-21 16:46:51

With chemo I'd assume you get blood tests to check your blood counts are good. If they're ok I'd expect some form of phased return. I'd gradually build up physical activity listening to your body for signs of fatigue. All types of chemo are different though.

Santa01 Fri 15-Jan-21 19:27:39

Thanks for replying.

I haven't feel too tired and no nausea after any chemo so far so hopefully the last one will be the same. But yes it's the mental toll more than physical that I'm worried about, two or three weeks back I ppl would soon forget and the demands and stress would be as normal, tho as you said I would be inwardly screaming I don't give a fig about reports I've been/am going thru my worst nightmare... And I just couldn't go off work again for emotional reasons... Ah I don't know... Will have a chat with my doctor and also HR and maybe do a phased return

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