Semen analysis and testosterone levels

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Acinonyx2 Wed 13-Jan-21 07:07:34

Contact your local fertility clinic - any private fertility clinic can do this for you. We also did ICSI due to very poor sperm count (they occasional wriggler hmm ) but did have our daughter. Dh had several tests over the years at 3 different clinics. All our treatment was private due to our age and time pressure. Dh's sperm counts really varied - getting down to absolute zero for our first ICSi and had to retrieve sperm surgically.

meltedgalaxy Tue 12-Jan-21 17:30:21


Long story short:

DH and I have been TTC for 4 years, 3 years in we were told we had 0.3% chance of conceiving naturally and we had ivf with icsi to have our beautiful son.

DH had low testosterone and poor motility and low count.

Fast forward to now, I've naturally gotten pregnant twice. (Unfortunately first one was MC and I'm now 8 weeks along)

DH is obviously delighted, he's noticed physical changes that would reflect his testosterone levels increasing.

He hasn't changed his diet, alcohol intake was always low, exercises frequently. The only thing he's changed is an increase in his c-q10 intake.

How do we go about getting tests? As it's not completely necessary we don't want to go down the nhs route so we are thinking of private as it's only to settle DH's mind. How do we go about this?

Or has anyone ever experienced such changes?

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