Abnormally hot

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twinklespells Fri 08-Jan-21 17:17:59

I'm waiting on blood test results but was wondering if anyone has had this, or found it improved?

I get SO HOT with even the tiniest bit of exercise. It's been 2 degrees Celsius here and when I go for a walk I wear just trousers and a jumper and feel too hot. When I get home I have to shower. My body physically doesn't seem hot though, as my temperature with one of the braun ear thermometers is just above 34 degrees when I get home. It then goes back up to normal over an hour or so.

I had a baby in July and am breastfeeding, but I feel like my hormones should be settled by now. I've been struggling with overheating since she was born, but I put it down to summer and me wearing her in the sling. But I'm still unbearably hot despite it being winter and using the pram more sad

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Lottieis44 Fri 08-Jan-21 18:40:18

It does sound like hormones, maybe get them checked. Otherwise overactive thyroid but less likely I think.

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