I'm constantly breaking teeth.

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Torvean32 Tue 05-Jan-21 21:21:13

Since lockdown I've broken 7 teeth. These teeth have badicslly broken in my mouth, not during eating. Nor have I had an accident that could cause it.

Prior to this I have not broken one tooth.

I eat a good diet with low sugar, no alcohol or cigarettes and no fizzy drinks. I eat the recommended amount of fruit and veg.

I look after my teeth properly. I use a good toorhbrush and tooth paste, floss and use mouth wash. My dental hygienist is happy with me.

This hapoened to my mum in her 40s too ( she passed away 19 years ago so I can't ask her advice, and my dad's memory is poor )

I've had 4 of the broken teeth removed so far ( this has been slowed down by Covid). I had a bottom tooth removed today. It was so painful and it was a struggle to get it out. My face is nicely swollen. In 3 weeks I get 2 more out and I'm dreading it.
I have a dental plate that will get remade to have 4 teeth on it.

All my molars on the bottom left are gone. I don't know if anything will be done about it.

Today the dentist has asked about getting my Vit D and Vit B12 checked. However getting my Gp to do anything is a nightmare.

Does anybody have any suggestions??

Apologies for the mini essay.

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NommyChompers Tue 05-Jan-21 21:25:37

Are you clenching or grinding? Often worse with stress and often people aren’t aware they are doing it. Tell tale sign is jaw muscles getting tired when eating or waking up with sore jaw. Would explain the new onset of the teeth breaking.

Teeth don’t regenerate like bone so broken teeth unlikely to be related to insufficiencies. Did the teeth have fillings?

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