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HardCandyChristmas Mon 04-Jan-21 14:48:20

I could do with a sciatica hand hold please, having a very severe episode right now and struggling to cope with the pain. On day 5 days of excruciatingness with no relief and very little sleep.

Part of the reason for this is I can't tolerate opioid painkillers at all so finally spoke to own GP instead of OOH today, and starting some gabapentin tonight.

Any tips from fellow sufferers gratefully received. My last bad episode lasted months and psychologically I found it very difficult.

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user1497873278 Mon 04-Jan-21 16:58:52

I’m 4 months in, this is the second time I have been like this. For at t 16 months ago herniated L4L5 had 3 months of little pain but nowhere near mobile and now it’s the disc below, I really feel your pain as I can’t take barely any painkillers, I have diazepam that’s it. Do you know what triggered it?

DRC2004 Mon 04-Jan-21 17:45:56

flowers Sorry to hear that you are both suffering! I’ve had back pain (not specifically sciatica, mostly mid-back pain but often including sciatica symptoms) since May last year and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with psychologically. It felt relentless for so long and it was miserable not even being able to sit on the sofa and take it easy like you normally would when in lots of pain. Now my pain is shifting, things will be okay! Seeing positive stories from other posters helped me enormously.

For solving it: I’ve found keeping moving (walks and Pilates) and physio exercises have been the most helpful. If you can, see a physio to get exercises tailored to you to check they are the right ones. I have a great physio on the NHS and self-referral was surprisingly quick. My physio explained how it can take time to build strength so don’t be disheartened if you don’t find immediate relief from exercises, keep going! This Yoga With Adriene video is really nice and soothing:

For feeling better (Especially if you have to work/get on with it): hot water bottle and TENS machine made a huge difference. I also took regular painkillers to keep the worst of it at bay.

Hope that you are both feeling better really soon.

For @HardCandyChristmas - NHS website says it usually resolves in 4 weeks or so, so hopefully it will go soon.

For @user1497873278 - once my pain was still there after 4 months I was really struggling to cope as it started to feel like it would never go away. Hope I can be a positive example that it can still get better!

Here to chat if you need it.

mrsrobin Mon 04-Jan-21 18:02:42

Gentle cobra (yoga) moves a few times a day. On elbows or lower for a start. Works for me, good luck, I know how you feel sad

user1497873278 Mon 04-Jan-21 18:04:02

Thanks that gives me hope, it seems very different for everyone which can leave you feels really lost.

HardCandyChristmas Mon 04-Jan-21 18:16:24

Thank you, its utterly miserable and excruciating sad

@user1497873278 I was doing something in kitchen and I think I bent and twisted awkwardly and that was it confused

Sorry you can't manage yours with pain killers, does the diazepam help?

My last bad episode was a few years ago, lasted 6 months although first two months were the worst. Since then it niggles and flares periodically and there's lots I can't do, but have found regular strength training and stretching at the gym helped to keep it at bay.

I've done no gym for 9 months so not surprised tbh.

I've just started using a TENS machine @DRC2004, didnt try it last time so hoping it helps!

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