Numb bum at my desk!

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maggiso Sat 02-Jan-21 18:19:46

I use a wedge cushion and that helps me ( I tend to get numb bum and legs). However I have no idea if it would help you! You might be able to fold a cushion to improvise a wedge to see if it helps? Obviously check with your specialist or physio first.

DRC2004 Sat 02-Jan-21 17:50:22

Thanks @NaughtipussMaximus! It's definitely important for people to know.

Thanks also @purplecorkheart - unfortunately I'm not sure it is the chair. My partner and I regularly swap desk chairs when working from home and it doesn't seem to make a difference. I also went to stay at my parent's house when they went away in the summer and found the same thing. The few times I went in to the office I also sat in a new different chair but no effect. Maybe I haven't tried for long enough though. I'll have a browse online and see if there is something suitable that I can expense through work.

I've upped my exercise to counteract my back pain and for a lot of my physio I have to tense my glutes while doing the moves, I sort of wonder if I'm over-doing it or doing something wrong. Might try a pain/activity diary. smile

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NaughtipussMaximus Thu 31-Dec-20 10:32:35

Oh that’s good news! Lots of people aren’t aware of the dangers (my cousin-in-law wasn’t) so don’t realise it can be a sign of something serious.

purplecorkheart Thu 31-Dec-20 10:20:00

Maybe try a different desk chair if possible

DRC2004 Thu 31-Dec-20 10:17:52

Thanks so much @NaughtipussMaximus - I’m sorry to hear about your family member and I hope they are doing okay!

I’ve been to my GP and under care of a physio. They wanted to rule out anything serious quickly and reassured me that it was unlikely to be this as it is my buttocks/glutes that go numb, whereas a symptom of cauda equina is numbness specifically around the gentials/anus (sorry if TMI!). I got quite frightened a couple of months ago when it wasn’t too bff away so my doctor did more tests and also suggested that if it was anything serious then it would be getting worse rather than gradually improving. I have a physio appointment next week though, I’ll flag it with my physio again and emphasise that the numbness is persisting.

I will go back to my GP, if anyone has any tips of exercises/self-care I can do to relieve it I would be very keen to hear. It’s so distracting!!

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NaughtipussMaximus Thu 31-Dec-20 07:17:59

You need to flag this to your GP. Any numbness linked to a bad back could be a sign of damage to you cauda equina. It can develop gradually rather than suddenly but it can be very dangerous - my husband’s cousin had it come on suddenly and is paralysed now.

DRC2004 Thu 31-Dec-20 07:15:08

Thanks for reply @User9574 - good point, I thought this back in May and bought a footrest so my knees are at 90 degrees with feet supported. I was gutted when it didn’t seem to help!

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User9574 Wed 30-Dec-20 19:44:53

Yes but is your desk the same height? You might need a foot rest.

DRC2004 Wed 30-Dec-20 18:35:52

Hi everyone,

I've been really struggling with back pain. It suddenly came on in May and I've had it ever since. I'm doing physio + pilates and it's gradually going away (hooray!).

One annoying thing is that comes and goes is my buttocks feeling numb when I'm sitting down working! It can come on after only a few minutes and feels like I've been sitting in an airplane seat for 10 hours. It doesn't go away if I walk around a bit and sit back down like a numb bum normally would. I'm using the same office chair as I used at work so I don't think it is the chair.

Does anybody have any advice on how relieve and get rid of it? I've been trying glute bridges and hopefully building up glute strength with pilates. Sometimes I also sit on an acupressure mat, although I think that just distracts me with pain.

Thanks for any replies!

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