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Blocked Baby Nose!

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spottyshoes Thu 25-Oct-07 08:39:48

Does anyone have any tips on how to help my poor ds breathe better? I have tried baby vapour rub and saline drops but nothing is shifting the congestion, he cant sleep at night and it is starting to affect his feeding


fairyfay Thu 25-Oct-07 08:41:58

I use a Karvol plug in vaporiser at night and that really seems to help

spottyshoes Thu 25-Oct-07 08:44:30

Thanks for the quick reply. Are they ok to use for a 6 mths old do you know?
I used the capsules on SS when he was young and got some near my eye Owwwwwwww! Leathal stuff grin

LIZS Thu 25-Oct-07 08:59:46

A nasal aspiator used after the saline to suck the snot out ! Vaporisers are ok by 6 months iirc and you cna elevate his head witha rolled towel under the mattress.

booge Thu 25-Oct-07 09:00:45

Snot sucker...sounds gross but they really help

spottyshoes Thu 25-Oct-07 09:46:00

LOL - will definately be investigating the snot sucker!!! Even if it's just to see what it looks like grin

Elibean Thu 25-Oct-07 15:50:59

Humidifier, works really well at night if turned up high enough, IME. Snot sucker fine, but a) dd hated it and b) only works for a few minutes then nose full again. Does help a bit pre-feed, especially if you put saline drops in first.

We have a cool mist humidifier, and we put it about three ft from cot, facing it, on for one minute every 2-3 minutes, when dd has a really blocked nose. It makes the difference between her being able to breathe, albeit noisily, and ont being able to breathe and waking up - couldn't believe it first time but true!

Karvol smells nice, but not sure how much difference its made to her - I used it at six months no problem, just would put few drops on her sleeping bag not too near face, or on sheet at top of cot where she can't roll on it or touch it.

Brangelina Thu 25-Oct-07 15:58:21

Get a syringe (without needle!), get some physiological saline solution (the stuff they use in hospitals to rehydrate) and squirt the stuff at high speed up the baby's nose. Then quickly roll your baby on his front so that whatever's in there comes out. Looks brutal but works wonders, particularly for that encrusted snot at sinus level that would normally stay there for months, and can be done from birth.

Here in Italy they tell us to do that regularly throughout the first months, cold or no cold, in order to aid feeding. At first I thought it was horrendous but I've since been convertedgrin. A big bottle of physiological is now a permanent fixture in my bathroom.

spottyshoes Thu 25-Oct-07 20:34:14

Hmm yeah babyshoes hates the drops so cant imagine he'd be too thrilled with a plunger up his nose! May not be an issue though as have been to 3 pharmacies and boots and no one sells them!

May have to resort to the saline aspiration (is that the right word??) I've seen it done and its not pretty lol but really effective.

offtobuttonmoon Thu 25-Oct-07 20:39:54

If it is relevent to you, I used to use breastmilk, always found expressing some into the nostril improved things. GWS to the little onexx.

Elibean Thu 25-Oct-07 21:59:28

for sleeping at night: humidifier. I've no idea how or why it works, but it allows my dd to sleep when nothing else does - she has extra narrow nasal passages, and has a horrible time with colds.

Hope your LO is better soon!

nappyaddict Thu 25-Oct-07 22:23:05

get a sudafed plug or vicks vaopuriser

nappyaddict Thu 25-Oct-07 22:25:04

also sainsbury's sell a breathe easy baby bath.

spottyshoes Thu 25-Oct-07 23:03:37

Thanks everyone for your replies, all fab ideas. Particularly impressed with the breastmilk suggestion OTBM! It's amazing what it can do - as that is the cheapest I will be trying that immediately wink (love the name btw - went on a little memory trip grin)

He is finally sleeping but I can hear the snuffling and snoring throught the walls bless him!

nappyaddict Thu 25-Oct-07 23:13:35

let us know what works for you

mummy2lola Fri 10-May-13 13:47:10

My breast doesn't fit in her nose :-s

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