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Sarah11983 Tue 29-Dec-20 16:58:08

Hello, I am 7 weeks pregnant through ivf. I had a scan yesterday and all is well.

However yesterday, for the first time a haemorrhoid popped out. It is extremely painful, I have been taking painkillers and baths. The pain is radiating into my right bum cheek and lower back. I've spoken to the dr who said what ointment to use.

Is this amount of pain and discomfort normal? This my first baby and its been a long journey to get to this point so I am very worried.

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ChablisandCrisps Tue 29-Dec-20 18:38:00

Hi OP, my sister had heamarroids after giving birth and said they were agony but she got some ointment that had a local anaesthetic in and they soon went. I'm not sure what it was called but I can ask? Congratulations on your pregnancy! smile

CoronaIsWatching Tue 29-Dec-20 18:41:36

I had one last month, it just appeared out of nowhere. The pain and discomfort were so bad initially I took to sleeping with my bare bum facing the open window hoping the cold breeze would sooth it. Everytime I sneezed or bent over it felt like my arse was going to explode.

What helped for me was timing my bowel movements for just before my daily shower to avoid wiping with paper and Anusol which I bought from the supermarket. The Anusol worked for me and only took a couple of weeks of applying it twice a day and I'm now haemorrhoid free. It doesn't work for everyone though, especially if it's a bad case

Good luck

TwnklTwnklLittleStarfighter Tue 29-Dec-20 19:00:00

I had them so badly with DS2 that I could barely walk. You have my sympathy. Fortunately I had a wonderful female dr who had been through the same. She recommended me to use anusol suppositories (because if one has prolapsed then the others inside need to be treated too, and to use anusol external cream, but specifically to apply it very liberally to the area and also to a folded square of medical gauze and then sort of wedge that between the cheeks so it stayed on the affected area. It provided a lot of relief and within about a week things were much better.

Obviously you need a supply of gauze and to change for a fresh one several times a day.

Sarah11983 Tue 29-Dec-20 19:00:15

I'm using uniroid HC right now, but its not having any affect yet.

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Blossomhill123 Tue 29-Dec-20 20:11:38

Anusol 4 way Suppositories are really good .

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