Diarrhoea- is gallstones the cause or ibs?

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Wishingforluck Thu 24-Dec-20 11:34:45

I’ve been struggling with my bowels for the last few months. I have been going to the toilet a lot more often and have trapped wind etc. I have also been found to have gallstones. 2 larger ones and some smaller.

I have cut back on so much food that I eat to try and relieve the symptoms but yesterday as it’s Christmas I ate a chocolate cupcake at about 9pm and at 4am I awoke with bad stomach pains and had diarrhoea. I only had 1 lot and now I am just left with a gurgling stomach and stomach pain.

Could this be due to the fat in the cake affecting the gallstones or may it be ibs?

I am currently awaiting tests at the hospital.

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TheSilentStars Fri 25-Dec-20 19:59:26

I think it can be caused by gallstones, yes. I am spending a lot of time reading gallstoney threads on here as I'm waiting on a scan in January.
Hope you managed to have a good day today.

Wishingforluck Fri 25-Dec-20 20:55:48

Thank you. I ate a small portion of Christmas dinner and just hoping I get through tonight without any problems.

Hope your scan goes ok for you.

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