Lump on neck? Is this normal or not? (Picture)

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Livinglocalx Tue 22-Dec-20 01:30:53

On my left side of my neck it fees more firm when I push down above my collarbone and my vein sticks out a little but no obvious lump. I took a picture to check if there was a bulge compared to the right side but not sure if it looks normal or not? Ive circled it in red.

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beavisandbutthead Tue 22-Dec-20 01:37:46

Its really difficult to know as I dont know what your normal is. If you feel something is different then I would go with that, the advice with neck lumps is to wait three weeks and if still there go to the GP

ILoveYoga Tue 22-Dec-20 03:52:36

Go see your GP. He may make a referral and a better determination can be made

Years ago, over 10 - I found a lump on my DH neck. GP referred him to ENT right away and MRI plus huge amount of blood work done because there was/is a truly pronounced lump and thyroid problems run in his family. Thankfully for him it is a fatty lump. It’s still there now.

So can be something but can also be nothing. Go see your GP and get it looked at

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