Chase them up or wait until after Christmas?

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SilentScreamQueen Fri 18-Dec-20 19:11:28

I would email / phone the secretary, they will be able to confirm if they’ve actually been sent out or not.

TrainIsLeaving Fri 18-Dec-20 18:40:51

Hi, just a quick what would you do?

DD has been referred for genetic testing, the geneticist said she was sending some consent forms. She stressed it is important to send them back as fast as I can, to stop DD having her blood taken before they have the consent to investigate.

However that was a month ago and I've received nothing. I know in general genetics take a long time so I don't want to be a pushy parent, but I'd hate to think they've been lost somewhere.

Is it normal to have not received them, or shall I send an email. (I only have one address and it's not for the geneticist herself, possibly an assistant or receptionist.)

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