How long should you give dental fillings to settle before going back to dentist?

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MamOfTwo Thu 17-Dec-20 23:17:33

I had to have five fillings recently (including one deep one) and I'm not sure if I need to go back to the dentist as still seem to be getting tooth pain on and off. Not agonising pain but I'd rather be pain-free obviously. I've read that fillings can take 'a while' to settle down. But how long is a while in this scenario? I called dentist but receptionist just said to monitor it but not sure if I should be insisting I need to go back in case something has gone wrong.

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MagicMatilda Fri 18-Dec-20 14:42:32

Oh gosh yes I would be straight back! I had this before and it escalated very quickly into unbearable pain. Don’t let them fob you off! Feel better soon smile

JE17 Fri 18-Dec-20 15:16:46

I'd try again if I were you. I had a filling recently and 3 days later the tooth was still painful. The dentist redid the filling that day. It was better immediately.

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