Anyone else in hospital?

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LoveFall Thu 17-Dec-20 14:18:05


A bit of a handhold appreciated. This is my second morning waking up on a 5 bed unit mostly gyne and urology.

I had laparoscopic surgery on Dec 10 and got an infection in the incision around my belly button. I have never had such pain. On Iv antibiotics and oral pain meds.

The nurses are lovely but omg the noise, all night. Beeping of all sorts, all night. It is also I swear 35 c in here.

I want out but I don't think that is going to happen yet. My surgeon flushed out the wound yesterday. I think it will be home care nursing.

The surgery took out a cyst, and both tubes and ovaries. The cyst was benign thank goodness. Due to Covid I waiting 6 months.

I am in Canada. Hospital food? Um no. Why the complete lack of sauce or gravy?Cold grey meatballs and dry mash last night. Yuck.

Anyone feel like trying to generate some cheer and put the gloom and doom in the background, even for ten minutes?

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LoveFall Thu 17-Dec-20 15:58:58

We could make a list of ironic or funny things or rules, like always place toast directly on top of powdered scrambled egg to get maximum sogginess by end user delivery time.

Always deliver breakfast tray just as doctors etc. arrive and nurse shift change so patient who is hungry due to inedible meat balls the night before cannot get to food. Then take tray just as she picks up fork. I swear there is some truth in this!

If I sounded whiny, I didn't mean to. I am actually very scared and mad at myself I did not see this coming soon enough. It is a big soft tissue infection, abscess under my belly bottom.

This is not how to get ready for Christmas.

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LoveFall Thu 17-Dec-20 16:11:11

Third rule, this time hospital design. Install huge bright potlights to ensure patient attached to iv and in pain if moving must get up and move curtain back into position to block light and avoid retinal burns everytime someone comes in or out.

Fourth rule. Make sure IV alarm from patient bending arm Is loud enough to be heard in nearest nuclear containment zone.

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LoveFall Thu 17-Dec-20 16:42:55

This room is co ed. One toilet. This is disgusting, but the seat is left up. I just can't understand why or how this is ok.

In already got the explanation about how it would be far too hard to have single sex rooms. But only one toilet. Most of the patients are post op big gyne surgeries. I guess that matches with urology because....

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emmathedilemma Thu 17-Dec-20 17:21:21

oh wow, the noise and lights thing drove me crazy when I was in hospital! More recently i've been in and had a private room but even then light came under the door and I could hear staff talking outside and the call buzzer from other rooms going off.
And why do they wake you up at stupid o'clock in the morning then leave all the lights on when breakfast isn't served for another 2 hours?? Do not wake me up unless there is food and caffeine readily available!

Acinonyx2 Thu 17-Dec-20 17:29:04

Just outpatient visits these days but I remember when I was in special care after having dd wondering why it was SO hot. Felt like a SE Asian women's prison, everyone wilting and wondering when they'd get out...

LoveFall Thu 17-Dec-20 17:43:54

Yes, the heat. It is actually shocking. I woke up 3 times last night drenched in sweat. I want to sleep covered up due to aforementioned men. But instead risking a flash here and there.

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LoveFall Thu 17-Dec-20 17:52:25

Acinonyx you made me smile. Yesterday the food service person stood in my parted curtains dressed I swear like a navy seal, barking out menu questions, mostly about whether I wanted salt and pepper. It truly was comical. English is not her first language and poor thing believed shouting would communicate better. No introduction, nothing.

At one point she yelled "cream of vegetable soup". I asked if that was my only choice. She was most displeased with me. I have only just come out of the corner I was cowering in.

Prison indeed. Speak up quickly about salt and pepper or forever hold your peace.

There is something wrong here. I am pretty sure navy seal gets minimum wage.

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LoveFall Thu 17-Dec-20 18:03:09

I thought you might be gripped by the information i am now privy to. "Plastics Rounds in a bubble." Sounds fun. Is the bubble made of champagne? Pretty please. With salt and pepper.

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Acinonyx2 Thu 17-Dec-20 18:04:39

Do you live in Canada normally? Hopefully you will get out of prison soon.

LoveFall Thu 17-Dec-20 18:08:41

Yes. My parents were actually born in the hospital.

I know everyone is trying hard but i need some dark humour!

Without exception every nurse has been lovely and managed not to faint at the site of my inflamed and infected bellybutton.

The vibe I am getting right now is maybe tomorrow. I really cooked my goose by not jumping on this right away, hoping it would go away.

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LoveFall Thu 17-Dec-20 18:10:02

They were born in THIS hospital in the 1920s

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Acinonyx2 Thu 17-Dec-20 18:13:21

Ah yes nasty. Hopefully you will be paroled on good behaviour. Just don't attack the guards or other inmates. You can embellish and enjoy the retelling of your adventure in glorious detail over the turkey and gravy.

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