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Can you help me find an idiots guide to schizophrenia?

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charliecat Sun 24-Oct-04 12:08:55

My brother is a paraniod schizophrenic and my mum says things thats hes said/done and I say its becuase hes ill...but it doesnt seem to sink in.
Ideally im looking for examples of behaviour and reasons in plain english.
Just so when hes going off on one, well last night he got her out of bed at midnight saying 30 blokes had beaten him up and he didnt have a mark on him...she can relate that sort of behaviour to something shes heard of before.
Thank you.
Hes off his head is what she was saying this morning, and I felt like saying Yes thats the thing, he is...its not his fault its an illness he doesnt take his pills for but youve hit it on the head there.
Any help would be much appreciated.

agy Sun 24-Oct-04 12:15:13

Oh your poor mother! She must have been so upset. Have you got a community psychiatric nurse who could come in and help. Try your surgery. He should be taking his pills. Hope things get better soon.

agy Sun 24-Oct-04 12:17:23 looks a comprehensive site. hth

marthamoo Sun 24-Oct-04 12:53:24

I found some books on amazon here though I haven't read any of them so I don't know how good they are. Is your brother being seen by a CPN as agy says?

Much, much sympathy - to you and your Mum - I lived with a paranoid schizophrenic (my uncle) 'til he died when I was 17. It's a bewildering illness and very hard for the family to understand.

charliecat Sun 24-Oct-04 12:53:45

Ta agy, hes been in and out the system loads of times, this week we persuaded him that he should get in somewhere for winter, hes homeless, dont know if the thought of that has rattled him a bit. Going out now will have a read when I get back Thanks again
He this week also mentioned taking his pills, which he hasnt done for about 5 years now.

SofiaAmes Sun 24-Oct-04 16:26:40

You poor thing. What a burden on you and your family. My best friend growing up had a schizophrenic mother (we just thought she was a little odd when we were young). She got progressively worse over the years despite the 3 kids and ex husband doing lots to help her. They would get her an apartment and then she'd just move out after a month or two and go live on the streets. Or they'd give her money for groceries and she'd spend it all on lipstick or give it away. She refused to take her meds through all of this. Unfortunately my friend's brother seems to have inherited the shizophrenia and he has had similar problems which started getting serious in his early 30's. And again the whole family does their best to help, but it's an uphill battle. I went to one family dinner where he showed up with a nutty homeless guy with no shoes who had "moved" in with him into the nice new apartment the family had just rented for him. They have had to section him twice out of fear for him harming himself. At the moment he is taking his meds and doing well, but I'm sure it will happen again.
Also, my boyfriend at university was schizophrenic (he was normal when I was with him...symptoms didn't start until late 20's), but I think that he may possibly have triggered it by doing too much lsd at university. However, his mother is schizophrenic too so who knows exactly what caused it. He would call me up periodically and tell me stories of people chasing him and stealing his inventions and he obsessed about famous people. He was fine when he was on his meds, but there was really no way to force him to constantly take them.
I hope it helps to know that there are others out there in the same situation as you. It really is hard work please don't beat yourself up about it, I'm not sure you will ever feel like you've done enough even though you have done all you possibly can. You (or your mother) haven't done anything wrong and neither has your brother. He is ill; it's a chemical imbalance and although there seems to be a genetic element to it, that isn't the entire cause. There are things that can trigger it too. Please try and get in touch with support groups as they really can help you deal with it and give you help on how to help your brother (and your mother who is probably in denial because she's secretly afraid it's her fault). Good luck and hugs and kisses.

gothicmama Sun 24-Oct-04 16:29:44

try here some info here

charliecat Sun 24-Oct-04 16:36:23

Going to cry. Thank You SofiaAmes.
He always says to mum someone will pay for this, which leaves her thinking its her fault
That site Agy is fabulous. It has a pages that describes all the things I wanted it too.
Just going to look there Gothicmama. Thank You.

Arabica Sun 24-Oct-04 17:39:46

Hi Charliecat
If you, mum or any member of your family (inc brother) want to talk to someone in confidence you can ring Saneline any day from noon to 2am on 0845 7678000. It's a free helpline for anyone with any kind of mental health issues or their friends/family and they can put you in touch with local organisations/support groups/give you the number for your local mental health team
Thinking of you

charliecat Sun 24-Oct-04 19:36:08

Spent ages printing stuff out and took it all up to her. It was good as she said "Cor that sounds like what happened last night" etc...shes a few brain cells missing as she didnt seem to get the point of thats why I was there giving this stuff to her
He has an appointment on Tuesday to go and visit a local homeless place where they give support etc for 13 weeks and after that place you in council b and b or bedsit, which would be luxury after his tent in a bloody hedge for 4 years.
Mum said if he doesnt turn up at her house for his appointment to go and view the place shes going to see if she can get a mental health worker at her house.
He at the moment is totally out of the system, no gp, no money no anything Its really grim and things were looking hopeful till last nights episode.
Ranting here..sorry nice to get it all out.

Slink Sun 24-Oct-04 19:40:13

The Beautiful Mind.. with Russell Crowe. My MIL has the same and i am her care but to explain it my SIL'S and to my mil about what was happening to her i sat and watched this film with them
Fanbloomintastic IT IS it may help for others to understand

if you need to chat feel free good luck MIL has had it for 30yrs UNNOTICED FOR 20YRS

susanmt Mon 25-Oct-04 03:38:36

\competer n not working so slow - try and see the local CPNs aVED MY LIFE IB=N jAN WG=HEN i WA paranoin and seriously depressed.

Ypi can arrange it theoudh the GPor locan psych.


charliecat Mon 25-Oct-04 08:10:19

Susanmt, get your puter fixed!!!

Yes, We are either way, if he gets into this place theres a support system in place and if he doesnt mums going to get in touch with them and see if they will come to her house at the same time when hes due to arrive for a dinner.

Thank You I will let you know what happens.

2wildbabies Mon 25-Oct-04 10:28:31

hi charliecat. Program on tonight at 10 on channel 4. Without a shows a paranoid schizophrenic. It may help your mum understand a bit more.

Hope this helps

Take care x

charliecat Mon 25-Oct-04 17:55:04

Oerrr I wonder if the paranoid schixophrenic is the missing one or the one whos made the person go missing. We usually watch that and discuss it the next day and will make a point of telling her its on. Thank You x

SecondhandRose Mon 25-Oct-04 20:01:16

Charliecat, 'nice' to hear from another sufferer. My brother has it too. We have had a family nightmare for the last 12 years. My brother hit my Dad in the face on my wedding day.

My Dad died last year and my brother showed up at the funeral and told everyone he wasn't really dead and was collecting insurance money.

I can honestly say that I go out of my way to avoid seeing and speaking to him as I can't cope with it.

We don't know where he lives, he goes from job to job to job. He is very intelligent but he just frightens me.

charliecat Mon 25-Oct-04 20:07:46

Hi Secondhandrose. Its dreadful isnt it?
My brother is never as ill in my company as he is in my mums, he will talk to himself and he does talk rubbish, but he doesnt tell me of any delusions or try and confince me that the foriegn legion are after him or hes off to join them or whatever ramble hes on about like he does mum.
I dread when mums not here and im the only family member left.
As it is he doesnt know where I live, the reason being is if he did he would not leave again and I cant have him here with dp and 2 young kids. It would be like hell on earth.
I would like it to stay that way.

SecondhandRose Mon 25-Oct-04 20:11:16

Hi, are you still here?

SecondhandRose Mon 25-Oct-04 20:13:43

Charliecat, must put the kids in bed, will be back at 8.30pm if you'd like to 'talk' or mail me privately.

charliecat Mon 25-Oct-04 20:24:46

ill be here at 8.30

SecondhandRose Mon 25-Oct-04 20:33:23

Hi, I'm back.

charliecat Mon 25-Oct-04 20:35:12

Typical my kids said id forgot to give them a drink
at 8.30!

SecondhandRose Mon 25-Oct-04 20:35:20


SecondhandRose Mon 25-Oct-04 20:35:49

You start....

charliecat Mon 25-Oct-04 20:36:08

So does your brother have roof over his head?

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