Letter after MRI - allied health professional

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boymum9 Thu 10-Dec-20 14:21:57

I had an MRI scan yesterday for a lump under my clavicle area that's been causing a lot of pain for about 8 weeks (it's starting to feel less painful now, still sore).
I had an ultrasound at the breast cancer clinic, specialist said he couldn't see a cancerous lump that would be breast cancer, but could be muscular or that I've somehow damaged my ribs.
I was referred to get an X-ray and MRI, the X-ray took about a week to come back and was all clear, I had an MRI yesterday morning and today I have received a letter from the hospital with a confirmation of a telephone appointment with a member of their "allied health professional episode service" next week. A

What is this? Is it related? Should I be worried somethings come back so quickly? I'm in the UK.

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emmathedilemma Thu 10-Dec-20 17:05:14

It's pretty standard to get MRI results about 7 days later IME.

FridayWineTime Thu 10-Dec-20 17:06:14

AHP includes occupational therapist and physiotherapist, it could be one of those?

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