Losing weight without trying to

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yarncakes Thu 10-Dec-20 08:48:40

I have lost a stone in a month without even trying to. I am not sure whether I am not eating enough but usually for me, its hard to lose weight. I followed slimming world a couple of years prior because I needed to lose weight then I gained it and now I'm losing it without following any plans. This is typically what I eat in a day... Another thing to add is I have stress and health anxiety which has manifested massively sad

I would skip breakfast as I always feel sick in the mornings, it's definitely not pregnancy. It goes away afterwards.

Afternoon I will have 2 crumpets with marmite and cheese, then I would have a packet of crisps and maybe a couple of biscuits with a cup of tea

Evenings I have a bowl of curry, lasagna, pasta.. Anything that we fancy really. I don't usually eat all of it because I'm just not hungry. Then i have a dessert later, a magnum or rice pudding

Some days I eat more than others but that's typically what I eat so I'm guessing it's probably not enough calories? My appetite and love for food has completely gone sad

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yarncakes Thu 10-Dec-20 08:50:12

I never took any notice but I had friends say have I lost weight and people at work also saying it which worries me even more and I'm always saying no I haven't then they say you definitely have so thats when I weighed myself and saw that I'm a stone down from last month when I weighed myself.

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PurpleDaisies Thu 10-Dec-20 08:50:36

That’s diet food. It doesn’t sound like you’re eating enough.

Sometimes feeling done can affect your appetite. Could that be it for you?

I’d have a chat with your gp. flowers

Madeupwithit Thu 10-Dec-20 08:52:08

Any chance of diabetes? I lost weight rapidly before I was diagnosed

PurpleDaisies Thu 10-Dec-20 08:54:14

Given the op has health anxiety, I don’t think suggesting lots of potential causes of weight loss is going to be helpful at all.

Op your GP is your best bet. flowers

sadie9 Thu 10-Dec-20 13:08:14

Go and see your GP, see what they suggest.

Dontsayyouloveme Sat 12-Dec-20 10:37:01

Are you peri menopausal or do you get Xmas anxiety? My lack of appetite and nausea always starts end of November and I struggle to eat much in December. After Xmas I’m back to normal! Worth having a chat with your GP though x

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