What medication for cervicogenic headaches?

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whitewineandmagnums Mon 07-Dec-20 19:46:30

Hi, I suffer horrendous cervicogenic headaches and have done for years.

It really depends on the root cause as to what will help the most, but for me the best things are:

- heat ie wheat bag
- drinking a coffee/eating chocolate (helps with blood vessels in neck!!)
- regular massage/chiropractic
- keeping my posture in check, particularly avoiding 'text neck' and keeping neck in one position too long.
- decent pillow that doesn't push your head up too much
- co-codamol for me if all else fails as mine is caused by muscular issues, but for some it can cause headaches (hence needing to find the root cause, as you don't want to aggravate it.

Prevention (as much as you can a way!) with things like ensuring good posture is honestly the best thing.

Paddingtonthebear Sun 06-Dec-20 17:00:31

Osteopath has said my headaches are cervicogenic. The cause is a different issue that needs investigating but I need to do something about the painful headaches I’m getting in the meantime. What do I ask my GP for?

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