Removing the root of a tooth that has been crowned?

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KatyMac Wed 02-Dec-20 17:04:25

My front crown keeps falling out

I have had a plate made but 30 mins in i don't like it hmmconfused

So if I am sedated and they take the root out, how does that work? There is nothing to get 'hold' of!!

Yes I am a dental wuss

After we are thinking about a bridge but who knows if I'll cope with that!

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KatyMac Fri 04-Dec-20 19:24:33


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NothingInterestingToDeclare Fri 04-Dec-20 20:47:51

If you remove the whole tooth you are probably left with choices of either a denture, bridge or an implant - the last two would be increasingly more expensive. I had to have two wobbly old crowns replaced with implants and I’m very happy with the result - took a long time and quite a bit of money to achieve tho. Hope I have understood your point - apologies if not!

KatyMac Fri 04-Dec-20 20:49:45

I have a temporary plate and I'm hoping for a bridge

I'm just worried about the actual removal of the root (that no longer has a tooth)

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cheekaa Fri 04-Dec-20 20:56:55

I had the same situation this August when my tooth ( which had in the past had a root canal done on it ) broke away leaving just the root in the gum. The dentist gave me two local anaesthetic injections and prised the root out. It was not painful but rather uncomfortable.

NothingInterestingToDeclare Fri 04-Dec-20 21:18:58

Ah I see ok - well with anaesthesia I’m sure it would be discomfort not pain felt - as @cheekaa has mentioned above - you could always request sedation if you felt it could be necessary tho I think dentists prefer not to use extra stuff if they can help it. Best of luck with it tooth issues are horrible aren’t they

KatyMac Fri 04-Dec-20 22:06:41

Totally horrid - I have a lot of anxiety about dentists so I think sedation is the way to go

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Baldrickneepheid Fri 04-Dec-20 22:09:27

Aw they just wiggle it out sort of leverage style if you see what I mean, sometimes it's easier having no crown on it x

KatyMac Fri 04-Dec-20 22:12:55

To me it just looks like s hole and the edge of the tooth has been chiped off thats why the crown failed

Gives me heebejeebies thinking about it

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WitchWand Fri 04-Dec-20 22:17:07

I'm having this exact thing done in a couple of weeks time. Like you, OP, I'm hoping it's not going to hurt at the time.

The other thing that's bothering me is that it's going to be Christmas not long after and I hope it doesn't get in the way of eating festive food !
That would finish off 2020 perfectly !!

KatyMac Sat 05-Dec-20 09:59:31

Now I'd like to get it all done while we are still wearing masks Christmas food or not!

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GreyishDays Sat 05-Dec-20 10:00:54

I’m guessing they could use something like tweezers? I am not a dentist or anything related though.

LegoPandemic Sat 05-Dec-20 10:04:39

When you extract any tooth you hold it by the root not the crown anyway. You use the root to expand the bone and the tooth comes out. Sometimes roots are easier to elevate out if anything.

KeyLimePies Sat 05-Dec-20 10:24:43

I put off having a tooth extraction as I was terrified of having it done. I then bailed out of having it done under anaesthesia because I became scared of the anaesthesia 🙄. I finally pulled on my big girl pants, got some beta-blockers from GP, made the appointment and listened to some Queens of the Stoneage during the procedure. It honestly wasn’t half as bad as I feared. I had more discomfort afterwards, but not much.

On another note, I had an extraction as a child and the dentist didn’t remove the whole root. Bone has now grown around the root and I occasionally get very sharp pain that feels like toothache. It took years and several unnecessary fillings to get to the ‘root’ of the problem 😂. I don’t think that will happen to you as your jaw has likely stopped growing, but it will probably be best to have the root removed.

KeyLimePies Sat 05-Dec-20 10:29:55

The reason I finally braved getting my tooth removed was because I didn’t want to go into the New Year still fretting about the dentist. I had my tooth taken out on NYE.

Do it before the new year flowers

Sitdowncupoftea Mon 07-Dec-20 15:06:57

My crown broke in April I had just roots left. My dentist removed the roots no problem. I thought the same thing. Don't worry.

Phyzzy Mon 07-Dec-20 16:06:29

This thread has made me think.
I have a hideous front crown that was done 40 years ago in my early 20s. It hurt for years after and so I have never dared have anything done to improve it.
I had my tooth taken out on NYE.
Last time I had a tooth out was NYE 1979

GeidiPrimes Mon 07-Dec-20 16:20:12

I had a root removed a few months ago, thought it would be terrifying as I've not had any dental work done since age 19 without IV sedation. Dentist sent out a prescription for a tiny amount of oral benzodiazepam (which certainly helped) and I honestly felt nothing.

I thought he'd have to cut into the gum, but he just popped it out in a few seconds. Nothing to worry about at all.

KatyMac Mon 07-Dec-20 21:32:32

I have made an appointment with a dentist who specialises in people who are anxious, next week

So stressed by it

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Sitdowncupoftea Mon 07-Dec-20 22:49:17

@katymac Don't worry. I had a horrible experience and not all dentists are the same. I had 2 teeth removed just injection i was nervous but it was over before I knew and I never felt a thing. Believe me the bad dentistry I had last time (hospital facial surgeons words) was enough to put anyone off going to a dentist again. Tooth ache is horrendous. I changed my dentist went private and honestly i never had a problem this time.

tobee Tue 08-Dec-20 01:20:40

Nothing to add except my crown has just fallen out for the second time. 😞 I only had it fitted just before lockdown. ☹️

iwannascream Tue 08-Dec-20 01:36:49

I had 13 taken out in one sitting and had a plate put in, no sedation just injections and I hate dentists. Was a little uncomfortable, but was back at work the next day. Good luck, just breathe and concentratebon wiggling your toes whilst in the chair, I laughed when the dentist suggested it but it really helped

WitchWandHasBaublesOn Fri 18-Dec-20 08:33:20

So, I went for mine out yesterday and had a local anaesthetic. Didn't feel a thing !! Amazing ! grin

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