Carpal tunnel

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BG2015 Mon 30-Nov-20 20:41:02

For a few days now my right hand has been tingly and aching. It's woke me during the night, but I sleep on my stomach so thought my hand/arm was feeling weird because I'd lay on it.

Today it's been really uncomfortable and I've noticed the feeling much more. I've got no weakness in my fingers but the base of my thumb is sore.

I've taken ibruprofen and used a wheat bag this evening, and it feels easier.

Could it be carpal tunnel? I remember my mum had it for a while and she had a splint on both arms. Her symptoms went after she retired.

Does it warrant an attempt to speak/see my GP?

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BG2015 Tue 01-Dec-20 21:13:18

Got hold of a wrist splint so going to sleep in that and see if it improves

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