Horrible taste in my mouth. Not covid. Not pregnant. Help!

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Lilll Sun 29-Nov-20 22:46:29

It's driving me round the twist.

I've ruled out covid and pregnancy with tests, i also haven't eaten pine nuts.

I thought it was from using cleaning chemicals last week but no longer think that's feasible as it has gone on for so long. It lessened slightly but has now returned with a vengeance.

I feel a bit under the weather but that's nothing new for me.

What could this be?

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Cuddling57 Sun 29-Nov-20 22:51:44

Indigestion/acid reflux?
Is it worse at a particular time of day?
Do you have a sore throat?

Lilll Sun 29-Nov-20 23:02:40

It seems to get worse from afternoon time into the evening.

I don't have a sore throat right now but it sometimes feels a bit sore in the mornings.

Not indigestion or reflux as far as I'm aware as I don't have any other symptoms that point to it.

It feels like my tongue is the problem if that makes any sense?

I have some amalgam fillings but can't see or feel any obvious issue with those.

It's bizarre and very distracting!

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CraazyCatLady Sun 29-Nov-20 23:08:40

Tonsil stones?

piglet81 Sun 29-Nov-20 23:10:51

Sinus infection?

Lilll Sun 29-Nov-20 23:11:32

I haven't had tonsils for 13 years, but I can't see or feel any stones in the tonsil beds where they once were no.

There's nothing visibly wrong inside my mouth.

I do smoke and have done for several years and whilst I know it's a terrible habit etc I've never had this happen as a result of smoking, ever.

I brush and use mouth was daily.

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Lilll Sun 29-Nov-20 23:12:31

RE sinus infection, would that be possible in the absence of other prominent symptoms?

I've never had a sinus infection (diagnosed) so not sure what they're like?

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Topsyandtimison37 Sun 29-Nov-20 23:17:20

Is it like nail polish remover? I used to have that taste all the time and I went to docs and he tested for diabetes. I didn't have that luckily. He said it can be stomach acid or something my body trying to get rid of and nothing to worry about, just one of those things.

Topsyandtimison37 Sun 29-Nov-20 23:19:15

Just to add that I've never tasted nail polish remover! But my taste was chemically/sweet and a little acidic

Intothesheepfold Sun 29-Nov-20 23:21:49

Perhaps get another covid test? Sufferers often get a metallic taste in their mouth combined with fatigue on or around day 5.

TW2013 Sun 29-Nov-20 23:23:36

In my experience a sinus headache gets much worse if you tip your head forward so your chin is on your chest. Usually worse in morning.

Lilll Sun 29-Nov-20 23:25:22

I'm not sure about nail polish remover (that did make me smile grin but chemically/sweet and a little acidic is a good description and very fitting to the taste I have!

I'll see if getting another covid test is possible, although I've already had it potentially twice before. I tested positive in late July but had an awful illness earlier in March that was textbook covid. I'm part of a Genomics study and the man who came to my house said it's possible I've had it twice.

Three times would be unheard of surely?

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Lilll Sun 29-Nov-20 23:26:36

I've just read up about sinusitis and I don't have any of those symptoms. No headache or post nasal drip.

I do have constant jaw and neck pain but that's due to chronic TMD which I've suffered with for two years now.

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StillWeRise Sun 29-Nov-20 23:27:24

have you eaten pine kernels?
sometimes, especially if you eat a lot of them, they can cause a really horrid funny taste
its really awful but goes away eventually

Lilll Sun 29-Nov-20 23:34:11

Nope none whatsoever StillWe

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haircutsRus Sun 29-Nov-20 23:34:26

I reckon it's either something to do with your teeth, or an infection in your sinuses.

Neolara Sun 29-Nov-20 23:36:04

False negative on the covid test?

Lilll Sun 29-Nov-20 23:42:48

I'm wondering if it's dental too, I have no chance of seeing a dentist any time soon unfortunately. I don't have one!

I've not long moved and haven't got around to registering with a new practice yet. The last time I saw a dentist was about 6 months ago for a filling (I have three in total, all amalgam)

I would be very surprised if the covid test was a false negative but I'll see if I can retest just to be sure.

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Literallyfedup Sun 29-Nov-20 23:43:48

Could it be Dry Mouth. A thick saliva or dry mouth will leave small food particles sticking on your tongue for a long time. If the taste goes away after you clean your tongue but comes back as the day progresses and you eat your meals then it's usually a lack of saliva.
Dry mouth could be caused your age (perimenopause), dehydration, cold medicine, any food sensitivities.
Drink some pineapple juice or put a wedge of lime. It will encourage the salivary glands to work better and fix the problem.

hadenoughnegativity Sun 29-Nov-20 23:44:04

Have you had any courses of antibiotics lately? Metronidazole leaves an awful aftertaste that can last for many days.
Bleeding gums/gingivitis can leave a metallic taste in your mouth.

Lilll Sun 29-Nov-20 23:48:26

I'll give the pineapple juice and lime a go thank you!

No recent courses of antibiotics no, not for a long time.

Cigarettes feel alot harsher now too (gradually cutting down but mentioning that as it's very noticeable)

I've brushed my tongue and inner cheeks thoroughly whilst doing my teeth twice today and can't see no obvious sign of gum disease or ulcers, no bleeding when brushing.

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Lilll Sun 29-Nov-20 23:50:03

I forgot to add I'm 26, so not perimenopausal but my hormones are all of the place as evidenced by the onset of adult acne and terrible PMS blush

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ineedaholidaynow Sun 29-Nov-20 23:51:45

Vitamin B12 deficiency?

Peri menopause?

SheepandCow Sun 29-Nov-20 23:53:12

Long Covid?

NooNooHead1981 Sun 29-Nov-20 23:55:37

I had a terrible metallic taste a month ago before I got a scale and polish at the hygienist, who told me it was probably from toxins and bacteria etc being released from the plaque and tartar. Are you sure it definitely isn't dental related?

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