Any dentists around? TMI - photo!

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Frankiesa Sun 29-Nov-20 19:23:15

I had a tooth extraction on Thursday and don’t seem to have a visible blood clot. The area is white/grey, and looks a bit like pus! Does anyone think this could be dry socket? It’s not that painful, although I’m still taking paracetamol every 4 hours.

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Frankiesa Sun 29-Nov-20 20:38:21


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Frankiesa Sun 29-Nov-20 21:53:31

One more hopeful desperate bump....

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strawberrysundayss Mon 30-Nov-20 03:34:31

Hi dentist here. I'm afraid we're not allowed to diagnose like this on public forums but I would say a classic sign of dry socket is pain so if you're not experiencing any that's a good thing. If you're worried please call your dentist for another appointment or they may be able to give you advice over the phone. Best wishes.

MagnoliatheMagnificent Mon 30-Nov-20 03:52:10

Not a dentist but I am a nurse / be careful with the paracetamol, it should be given 4-6 hourly , Max 4 doses in 24 hours. Are you able to take ibuprofen? (Max 3 doses in 24 hours) works as anti inflammatory as well as pain killer.
Call dentist in am for advice.

Frankiesa Mon 30-Nov-20 09:04:28

Thank you for the advice. My dentist isn’t in today, but I’m going to email the photo to them.

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Frankiesa Mon 30-Nov-20 09:15:39

Magnolia - thanks for the advice. I’m taking the recommended dose of paracetamol during the day, and then a dose of nurofen at night.

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