After a colonoscopy...

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EverythingsComingUpRoses Sat 28-Nov-20 19:36:06

I had a colonoscopy last Friday -so 8 days ago

I felt very rough afterwards but put it down to the prep (which lasted hours and hours!) and I had a little bit of bleeding from the biopsies

But I still feel bad -lots of lower back and upper abdominal rumblings and I feel very gassy
-and I've still not been to the loo

I've no signs of infection

Can anyone offer any advice?

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CharlotteRose90 Sat 28-Nov-20 19:50:14

All normal signs apart from the not going to the toilet. Assuming you’ve eaten and drank I would ring your gp or 111 for advice. Could be a case of a lazy Bowel but might have been irritated by the colonoscopy. I’ve had about 10-15. Have you got any bad pain ?

EverythingsComingUpRoses Sat 28-Nov-20 19:53:01

Nothing that can't be managed with paracetamol fortunately

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Greybeardy Sat 28-Nov-20 20:49:44

Are you passing wind or just feeling bloated/rumbling on the inside? If you're not passing wind you need to see a doctor pretty urgently. Even if you have you probably still need to speak to someone (colonoscopy unit/out of hour GP). Colonoscopy & biopsy does occasionally cause side effects that are serious. Hope that helps & you feel better soon.

panicovernow Sat 28-Nov-20 21:04:54

Severe abdominal pain and/or rectal bleeding after a colonoscopy would require A&E.

To still be in pain 8 days post colonoscopy is a little concerning. You say you've not opened your bowels since the test. How often do you normally open your bowels if usually daily then that would be a concern but if you normally only go 1-2 per week then maybe not.

You say you felt very rough afterwards, for how long and has that completely gone now?

EverythingsComingUpRoses Sat 28-Nov-20 21:14:46

I usually go every couple of days on movicol which I started again on Monday -chronic constipation is why I got sent for the colonoscopy

I am passing wind but nothing else

Still not 100% in myself -feels a bit like I'm getting over a virus if that makes sense -very quick to tire, a bit foggy

definitely not got Corona

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NooneElseIsSingingMySong Sat 28-Nov-20 21:37:27

I work in this field and we usually advise patients that symptoms should settle down within 24-48 hours so I would suggest calling 111 for advice.


panicovernow Sat 28-Nov-20 21:45:43

It's normal to feel windy and bloated after, it's also normal for your usual bowel movements to take a little time to return.

Main concerns after colonoscopy are perforation or post polypectomy syndrome (delayed pain/bleeding following polyp removal) Did they remove any polyps or was it just a few biopsies?

If your endoscopy unit is open tomorrow it could be a good idea to ring and ask their advice as they will know exactly what happened biopsy/polypectomy etc during your test and advise you accordingly

grassisjeweled Sun 29-Nov-20 01:16:03

Do you have a fever or feel rough in yourself? 8 days is a bit much. I was sore for a couple of days

newnewnewbuild Sun 29-Nov-20 01:18:33

I would ring 111 for advice as suggested above.

I had a colonoscopy a while ago, I had it first thing in the morning and was ok by the next day

EverythingsComingUpRoses Sun 29-Nov-20 09:10:39

Spoke to 111 apparently I'm still the realms of normal but they have given me a list of symptoms to watch out for that I would need to seek urgent help for, and said to contact my GP on Monday if there is no change by then

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