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Anyone here have a partial Denture? How long to get used to it?

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clumsymum Fri 19-Oct-07 16:27:55

I've had to have 3 teeth taken out, and a partial denture fitted to replace them (hopefully only for 6 months or so, until all is healed, then I can have a bridge fitted)

Now the anaesthetic has worn off, I feel like I've been belted in the gob, and then denture feels like huge brick, making me feel slightly sick.

Dentist says I'll not notice it within a week, but I'm feeling pretty depressed now, just about the idea as much as the discomft.

any kind words of comfort out there?

elliemac Fri 19-Oct-07 20:57:37

I've actually had one for 4 teeth that i had out at the back (bottom). Couldn't get used to it at all. I was like you, my stomach was really churning when i had it in. I had mine out most of the time cause the missing teeth weren't that visible. Since has dental implants - looks and sounds really horrid but its like having your own teeth back - Expensive option but well worth it if you've got the money!

clumsymum Sat 20-Oct-07 13:45:11

oh dear, not much hope then.

Trouble is mine are at the front, I can't manage for 6 months with this huge gap, so I've GOT to get used to it.

Still feels pretty sore this morning, daren't eat while anyone is watching.

heronsfly Sat 20-Oct-07 13:52:41

hi I have a top partial denture with three front teeth on it, had it for about a year now and its fine but had to be adjusted several times at first.I was told by dentist to return if any probs so well worth having it checked

severedhandcastles Sat 20-Oct-07 14:11:07

It is going to feel very odd for about a week. More so in the first few days as you will be swollen & sore from the extractions. The more you wear it while healing the better, as it will mould to your gum line as it shrinks to its normal level.

Best is to wear it as much as possible, take out for eating in first few days, but then try to eat with it in. Remembering to give it a good clean after.

Talk alot (read aloud to yourself etc) to get used to speaking with it in.

Front partials are easier to get used to than dentures for teeth fruther back, as there is usually less bulk.

louismummy Sat 20-Oct-07 14:19:25

agree with shc totally. get some poly grip as they tend to stay put better with and if you feel confident you will be confident. you have my every sympathies. but it will get better.

NoNameToday Sat 20-Oct-07 14:21:58

Don't know if it will help for partial dentures, but sucking a hard boiled sweet is very helpful in allowing dentures to 'settle in'

clumsymum Sat 20-Oct-07 17:32:10

Thanks for these.

I am intending to keep the denture in as much as possible, I know I will get used to it better if I can, but really feel I can't eat with it. Had a soft cheese sandwich cut into little bits at lunchtime, and felt very uncomfortable chewing it, it does feel as if the denture is moving about. I have bought some fixodent, and am about to try that.

Having fish pie for tea, on the grounds that it's soft and easy to eat.

Currently terrified about how I'll go on with my packed lunch at my desk at work on Tuesday.

clumsymum Mon 22-Oct-07 10:50:49

oh great,

So this thing hurts when I eat, digs in my gums at the back as I chew.

My dentist has gone on holiday this week, no-one at the practice can see me until tomorrow afternoon.

Looks like 'm going to lose a bit of weight over the next few days/weeks.

Anyone any ideas about easy to eat food that I can eat at my desk with others around me tomorrow (work part-time with this client, don't generally take a luch break)?

NoNameToday Mon 22-Oct-07 11:13:03


clumsymum Mon 22-Oct-07 11:19:41

Well I suppose I could take a flask. No microwave, and cuppa soups were always vile in the past. Have they improved at all.

I'm just cross cos I was DREADING having this denture, and I'm afraid it's going to be every bit as bad as I thought.

Tiggiwinkle Mon 22-Oct-07 11:21:25

Have you tried the fixodent yet? That usually helps a lot.

clumsymum Mon 22-Oct-07 11:27:37

Yes Tiggi, tried it yesterday, but it didn't seem to help much (dislodged when I was trying to eat a custard tart at tea time).

Diddn't put any on when I put the denture back in after cleaning at bed-time, but my gums felt really sore for a few minutes on one side of the denture after I put it back in.

Haven't had any breakfast yet. Might go and try glueing it in, then try some brekkie.

God, don't I sound like a wuss?

NoNameToday Mon 22-Oct-07 11:34:07

I think a flask of good soup is the best option, homemade if possible, slightly larger chunks of softish vegetables which you can 'squash' rather than chew.

Never been a great one for cuppa soup type things so not sure if the've improved or not.

I do undestand how you feel, soreness and discomfort, plus not eating properly an then the added embarrassment.

I lost all my teeth at a very young age, I can still hear my mum saying "you have to persevere"

clumsymum Mon 22-Oct-07 11:43:23

Thanks NoName, I appreciate that.

My father struggled with dentures for most of his life, I know I've got to work at it, which is why I haven't taken them out yet. DS doesn't even know I've got them, and I'm hoping to keep it that way until I get the bridge fitted in 6 months.
Cross tho' that a dentist can't see me to deal with the digging in bit today.

NoNameToday Mon 22-Oct-07 11:52:41

I actually adjusted very well (apart from having no teeth for 3 months whilst still at school!)

Have had minimal problems since, just odd soreness when new dentures.

Try neurofen and Bonjela, they can be very soothing.

Tiggiwinkle Mon 22-Oct-07 12:10:08

Try putting the fixative in long lines rather than the dots they suggest-perhaps there was not enough glue on there? If they are making you sore though they probably do need adjusting by the dentist.

clumsymum Mon 22-Oct-07 12:47:10

I've glued it in, as you suggest tiggi, and it does seem better.

How do you get them out, if you fixodented them in well?

Tiggiwinkle Mon 22-Oct-07 13:24:30

During the course of the day the glue will soften and you should be able to pull them out easily later on.

Cherylm1283 Tue 30-May-17 21:21:26

I have had a tooth extracted today and a single tooth pallet fitted. I can't bite properly as I did before and it feels like it's not fitting into the roof of my mouth properly I can feel the gap at the front too. It doesn't hurt which Is good but doesn't feel right. Also not been told by the dentist if I have to take it out while sleeping. Any advise please would be very much welcome

Dodie66 Tue 30-May-17 21:38:48

I have a top partial with 6 teeth on it. It was uncomfortable for a few days as they out it in immediately after I'd had the teeth out. It does get better after a few days. I forget I have mine in now and I've had it for quite a few years

Cherylm1283 Wed 31-May-17 21:27:49

Can you feel any gaps I can suck water through the gap it's that large. I can feel the space with my younger. I Cannot bite properly either. Did you have to goto the dentist to get any adjustment made to yours?

stormywaters Thu 01-Jun-17 15:34:22

I have one and tbh i hate the feeling of not having it in more than when it's in. I'm just so used to it, the only time i leave it out is overnight and i HATE the feeling of it not being there believe it or not.

chubbytubbybyebye Thu 01-Jun-17 15:53:39

It took me almost 2 weeks to get used to mine. The talking was difficult as I had a definate lisp. Eating took a couple of meals to be ok. Sometimes it comes out when eating so I'm careful not to gag. I've had it for 4 months and take it out at night. My head feels very wierd if I forget to put it in kind of off balanced. I have found I smile a lot more that I have done for years.

OhWhatFuckeryIsThisNow Thu 01-Jun-17 16:03:58

Ive got a bottom one,I bloomin hate it. But I've decided I need to persevere as my other teeth are wearing away. Not very good at eating with it still.

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