Keeping calm when waiting for a diagnosis?

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Gr8Adventure Sun 22-Nov-20 16:06:23

Hi Everyone,
I have an ultrasound booked in a couple of weeks time to investigate the possibility of endometriosis. The wait is driving me crazy. I'm struggling to keep my head straight, concentrate on my work and stay present for my family.

When my mum was about my age she went in for a scan in similar circumstances and ended up being admitted for an emergency hysterectomy the same day. So, of course, I am nervous about what they might find and how we would deal with it as a family if I needed major surgery or worse. But I am actually more worried that they won't find anything and that I'll need surgery to get a diagnosis. I'm worried that even then they might not find anything.

I haven't been well for several years now. The doctors have tried to help, but they haven't been able to get to the bottom of what's causing my symptoms. My DH and I muddle through, but, to be honest, it has had a major impact on my life and my family. I have had to give up a career that I absolutely loved and we can't contemplate having a second child even though we would dearly love one. I am in pain and exhausted too much of the time. I am blessed in many, many ways, but my life has shrunk from what it once was. The idea that the doctors could finally work out what is wrong and give me some kind of treatment, even if it is not a cure, seems too good to be true. It would be so lovely to live a fuller life again.

All in all, I've got a lot of thoughts and emotions whizzing around. I know endometriosis investigations could take a very long time even when we weren't in the midst of a pandemic. How have you managed to keep calm when you are looking for medical answers? Is there anything that you have found that helped get through it? Thanks in advance.x

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User258544 Mon 23-Nov-20 01:09:13

Its understandable to have worries. IMHE its healthy to give them a bit of attention, whether its writing, talking etc. One knows when the worries are taking over, in which case my best advice is give yourself permission not to worry/think about it, do some nice activities for yourself. That sounds trite...but its true, I just spent 3 weeks worrying (waiting to see if meds are working) and had a nice purposeful non worrying weekend!

Gr8Adventure Mon 23-Nov-20 12:13:33

Thanks @User258544. That is good advice. I like the idea of giving myself permission not to worry. Perhaps I just need to sit down and take stock of what is on my mind and then try to put it to one side and distract myself.

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