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legoeverywhere1982 Wed 18-Nov-20 16:47:22

Can anyone tell me if this sounds like it could be the start of fibromyalgia..
Pains started in my wrists, on and off pain
Pain moved to elbows and back to wrists
Legs ache randomly sometimes
Over the course of about 6 weeks I have then started feeling random jolts of pain all over, mostly on off pains, nothing very constant.
Tight feeling around left hamstring
Woke up Saturday morning with a tight back of neck which caused sharp pain, which was worse when I move head up or down, pain has slowly eased off over a few days but is still slightly sore, when pain at worse I had a weird sensation when I swallowed food.
Random pains shoot down the sides of my neck
Muscle twitches mostly in legs but sometimes all over
I am sleeping very lightly
I am suffering stress and anxiety over all of these symptoms and these all started after a period of stress so I am wondering if these are the start of fibromyalgia or could be stress and anxiety.
Have had bloods done and all fine.
I mentioned fibromyalgia to the doctor and they said the pain is usually constant...

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Aquamarine1029 Wed 18-Nov-20 16:51:49

Could it be peri-menopause? Pains, bad sleep, anxiety are all very common symptoms.

blackcat86 Wed 18-Nov-20 16:53:45

Could it be viral? I guess that would have shown up in your bloods? I've had similar was told my white cell level was raised and they thought it was viral but personally I think its anxiety and stress because it started when I returned to work from mat leave to a busy ss role. Did yours have a trigger?

legoeverywhere1982 Wed 18-Nov-20 16:59:34

I am 38 so a bit early for menopause I think? I did stop taking Yasmin pill just before this all started though but it has slowly got worse over 3 months or so although this has also coincided with me getting more anxious and stressed over it. I had some stress over my partners health just before it started so have thought that was likely a trigger for whatever it is..

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legoeverywhere1982 Wed 18-Nov-20 17:00:49

Blackcat, are you still suffering now?

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Aquamarine1029 Wed 18-Nov-20 17:02:25

38 is not too early for peri at all. Peri can last more than 10 years before full menopause.

legoeverywhere1982 Wed 18-Nov-20 17:13:18

Thanks, I will discuss the possibility with the doctor at my next appointment.
I also wonder about depression and whether anyone has experienced aches and pains as part of depression?

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blackcat86 Wed 18-Nov-20 19:45:52

Less than before but still to some extent. Vit d helped but I went on a spa day and didn't have any symptoms so it sort of confirmed the psychological basis for me.

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