Macular Degeneration

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Flute56 Sun 15-Nov-20 13:58:32

hi the last thread has not been updated for over a yar so here is a new one.

I was diagnosed with MD 11 years ago. It was not very advanced but my vision is slightly more distorted. I was told I hae dry not wet MD. I have recently began to see slight shadows in the corner of my eye like a flicker and then it goes away again for a couple of days or so and then it comes back for a second. My latest optician appointment was yesterday and I had my eyes tested and scanned etc and I still have the dry MD but the flickering slight shadows are nothing to worry about The optomertrist did not seem overly concerned about it. I said is it signs of a detached retina and he said no. He could see nothing alarmign about my eyes other than I still have this dry MD. He thought they might be floaters but I do not think so and I have never had floaters. I have to trust that hen he said do not wory about the shaddows then I have to believe him. He also said my eyes are very dry and if you do not use drops then it cal lead to other serious things so I have gone bak to using the eye drops every day three times a day. He said it is a mistake only to use them when your eyes feel dry because then they are extra dry so you should use the drops even if your eyes feel normal.

I was panicking that he would say there was something seriously wrong but the pressure is normal which is a goo sign. I do not need to visit the eye hospital so I came away a much calmer person than beore I had the appointment

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