Raised atl levels after having baby

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Jet888 Sun 15-Nov-20 07:43:08

Hi all,
Just writing to see if anyone has had similar issues to me and whether they sorted themselves out.
So, 3 years ago had ds1. Few months after started eating daily stomach pain in evening and diarrhoea, ended up losing tons of weight with some pain on right hand side of belly button. Lasted months. Blood tests from docs showed repeated atl liver levels and got sent back for tests for weeks and weeks. ultrasound showed nothing wrong and I was sent on my way. Symptoms gradually subsided over several more months.
Anyway, had ds2 14 weeks ago now and symptoms come back. Blood tests would now be at hospital over an hour's drive away due to covid and with 2 kids would prove blooming hard. Do you think I need to get checked out or just leave it as it went away eventually by itself last time.
Anyone had similar symptoms/ results after having birth that just sorted themselves out?
Dont want to sound blase about my health but literally had blood tests every 2 weeks last time for about 8 weeks and was so difficult!

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