Polycyctic ovary

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abster92x Thu 12-Nov-20 20:52:59


I unfortunately had had to have my left ovary and Fallopian tube removed. I have now just found out that my right ovary is polycystic, and had lots of little cysts on it.

Has anyone had this before and still been able to conceive? I know PCOS makes it harder to have a baby, so I am guessing it is even harder when you only have 1 ovary and it’s polycystic?

Any help, advice or support would be really appreciated.

Thank you,


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Literallyfedup Thu 12-Nov-20 22:24:15

If your periods are normal then pcos doesn't get into your way. I had pcos and I got pregnant without any fertility treatment and it did not take long as well. If your period cycle is above 32 days or less than 24 days or if you have irregular/absent period then talk to your doctor for Metformin/pills prescription. Metformin helps with ovulation in pcos and pills are sometimes required to make cycles regular.

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