Anyone had a Sigmoidoscopy?

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lazymum99 Thu 12-Nov-20 18:09:03

I had one of these as my area does them for all over 55s for bowel cancer screening. Got sent the enema in the post and did it myself before the appointment.
It wasn’t painful as such but uncomfortable. They did offer gas and air if you wanted

INeedNewShoes Thu 12-Nov-20 16:17:28

I’m pretty sure ‘flexible sigmoidoscopy’ is just the full term for precisely the same thing.

You’ll be fine. I had two or three of these over a couple of years and went straight to work on public transport after them. Obviously it’s a bit weird and a strange sensation but not actually painful.No issues at all and usually you’ll get the report from the investigation straight away so not a horrible long wait to find out.

kissmelittleass Thu 12-Nov-20 14:52:40

Thanks for your posts! Very helpful to hear !
Hospital rang I'm having it done tomorrow no prep but I have to have an enema in hospital in morning.
Forgot to ask if it was flexible or not? Hope it goes well fingers crossed

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Darklane Thu 12-Nov-20 11:25:14

Oh yes, it was colonoscopies I had.

INeedNewShoes Thu 12-Nov-20 10:25:27


Have the nurses given you prep to take at home? If yes, which one is it?

I've always had prep to take the night before for a colonoscopy (which is a bigger procedure as the camera goes further up the colon) but no prep for sigmoidoscopies but an enema at the hospital on the day.

Darklane Thu 12-Nov-20 09:13:19

Don’t worry it isn’t as bad as you’re dreading, not by any means.
The worst part is not knowing what to expect, & the prep!
I wasn’t given an enema, either time as I’ve had two. They sent a packet of VERY strong laxative in the post to take the day before. Picolax or some such it was called. I had the “ shufti scope” done as a day, well couple of hours, patient so was never on a ward.
Be prepared. Within. Very close reach of a toilet about half an hour to an hour after taking it. You mix it with water & it actually turns warm, reckon it’s some witches brew. And don’t come away once you think you’ve done cos you won’t have!
The scope itself is a breeze after that. They make you feel very comfortable so you’re not to be embarrassed or nervous. If you’re lucky you may get to see the amazing journey through your unbelievably clean & shiny insides. They may take a small biopsy while they’re there, or not, it’s mostly just routine, checking everything while they’re in there & have the opportunity. Then they wheel you to another room & give you a cup of tea which tastes like nectar after you’ve been gasping for one for 24 hours or so.
It’s honestly far better to have it without the anaesthetic.I have both times & been able to come straight home afterwards while others who opted for it have been zonked out fir ages & not able to leave until they’re deemed fit enough.

kissmelittleass Wed 11-Nov-20 21:30:58

@INeedNewShoes Good to hear thanks for the info, I don't actually know if it's a flexible one or not?
Apart from worrying about the procedure I'm also very worried and anxious about what they will find but I suppose everyone feels like that it's just consuming all my time at the moment thinking about it.

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INeedNewShoes Wed 11-Nov-20 15:20:52

If it's a flexible sigmoidoscopy it honestly is nothing to fear. It's standard practice (rather than a Covid restriction) to do the sigmoidoscopies unmedicated as they are generally easily tolerated by the patient!

Prep I've had for these is an enema given on the ward. You just need to know where the nearest toilet is as they are extremely effective at clearing out your lower bowel...

kissmelittleass Wed 11-Nov-20 15:12:27

I'm due to have one in few days and am told I'm awake not sedated no local or anything so fearing it's going to be very painful 😣
If you've had one please tell me your experience and the prep situation!

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