Lower back pain

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lostandfound55 Wed 11-Nov-20 17:11:29

I can’t give much advise I’m afraid but I would say give it a day or two and if it doesn’t resolve then contact your gp.

Pluto986 Tue 10-Nov-20 22:00:02

Hi, yesterday lunch time I suddenly got a very intense pain in my lower back. It’s in the area between my hip and spine but a bit higher than my hips. I’m not sure whether it’s something muscular and to just leave it, or if it could be something else, kidneys?
I was sitting down when the pain came on but I had been out helping ds on his scooter not long before that, so it could be from that? The pain is a constant ache and burning and I’m taking codeine to get through the day as it’s really painful! Any advice as to whether it’s likely muscular and I can just ignore it, or should I see the GP? Thanks!

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