Dental Implants

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SundayReilly Mon 09-Nov-20 17:36:49

Can I ask were you left at any point with 'gaps'?
Asking for family member considering going ahead with this process.
She is worried she be toothless during the process.

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whitewineandmagnums Mon 09-Nov-20 21:21:27

I'm at the end of my implant process - 'tooth' being fitted next week. Hurrah!

I have a gap...I had a plate made with a falsie but found it uncomfortable and annoying to be honest so I've gone without and my family honestly never notice (I trust them to tell me!!). It's the 4th from front that is missing.

Lockdown has helped as not seeing many people in person 😂.

Happy to answer any questions you have

strangestranger Tue 10-Nov-20 01:33:57

I have had 3 implants. The first one I had, they make a small dental plate for me that they put in straight after the implant. I wore it every day until the implant was ready.
The other 2 I had, they put in 2 temporary implants which worked really well. Ask your dentist - there is usually a way to avoid 'the gap'.
All the best!

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