Pericarditis / heart blood tests

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Heartworry Mon 09-Nov-20 00:12:22

Hi everyone. Just feeling a little anxious and hoping someone with some experience or knowledge of heart tests / pericarditis can advise.

5 days ago I developed (fairly mild) chest pain on breathing in and was told by my to go to a&e as a precaution to check for a blood clot in a lung. Chest X-ray, ECG, blood pressure, temperature etc were all normal but one of the blood tests came back abnormal and I was told it was to do with my heart, not my lungs as they’d expected. I am very anxious in hospitals and couldn’t really take it all in so I don’t know what the test was but I was told the normal rate was 30 and mine was 70? I was told at this point that pericarditis was the most likely cause but they needed further tests to rule out anything more sinister.

They repeated the ECG and the blood test, and again the ECG was normal but the blood test was slightly higher at 73. At this point the a&e doctor rang cardiology and they advised him it was most likely pericarditis and I could go home and wait for an outpatient cardiology appointment.

Obviously as it’s something involving the heart it’s kind of scary, even though I understand pericarditis is usually quite a mild thing that clears up by itself? I feel pretty unwell but all the symptoms seem to fit what I’ve read online. However I was given no advice or treatment or anything, just sent home and told it would be fine and to wait to be seen by cardiology. I wasn’t given any timeframe.

The doctor did say it’s usually caused by a virus and of course couldn’t rule out COVID, although he didn’t suggest a test (presumably as I have no other symptoms). I have ordered one anyway for my own peace of mind.

I think my main worry is what the abnormal blood tests were and whether the diagnosis is definitely right. I have quite bad health anxiety and have made the mistake of over-googling which has made me feel so much worse. I’m locked down on my own so scared of something going wrong and also having too much time alone with scary thoughts.

I understand it’s not a very common condition so a bit niche! But any words of comfort or advice would be massively appreciated.

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Heartworry Mon 09-Nov-20 00:13:39

Just to add - I’m 50, female, no other health conditions.

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nixso29 Mon 09-Nov-20 00:16:21

My husband has had this three times over a period of approx 5 years and has resulted in a visit to A&E each time. Once the pericarditis has been diagnosed he is sent home with the advice just to take it easy and present back if it flares up again. Never been referred to cardiology and each time it has gone away of its own accord. Very frightening at the time but from further research it appears to be quite a common condition!

Hamstertrousers Mon 09-Nov-20 00:34:39

Thank you for your reply, that’s very reassuring. How long does it usually take your husband to recover if you don’t mind me asking?

lexloofah Wed 16-Dec-20 19:17:24

How are you doing OP?

I am interested in this too as diagnosed with pericarditis last month after being sent to hospital by a GP. It seems to be getting worse or maybe I am just getting fed up with not feeling better or sleeping very well plus now I seem to have a cold as well which I don't suppose is helping. Cardio consultant called me today for a follow up and has prescribed colchazine (? Spelling) to help with inflammation.

Another Dr at the hospital said I was the third patient that week with it, not sure how common it is normally but I imagine some infections are as a result of COVID, I don't think mine was though.

HeyDW96 Wed 16-Dec-20 19:21:16

Pericarditis is quite common at this time of year and yes, it is often driven by viral illness. It can be very painful also and this can last a while. The blood test is likely your troponin level, which is a marker used to determine wether the heart has come under strain or not and again, these are raised in pericarditis. Hope you're feeling better soon!

HeyDW96 Wed 16-Dec-20 19:26:10

Sorry I just realised this is an oldish thread!

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