Sudden onset reflux/heartburn symptoms?

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Paddingtonthebear Wed 04-Nov-20 15:49:44

For the last two weeks I have had what I think is acid reflux. It has come from nowhere, I haven’t ever had it or anything like it before except once during pregnancy a long time ago. The symptoms are: feeling of fullness in throat/neck, slight burning feeling in (?) upper esophagus. This makes breathing a bit laboured when I’m walking. Other symptom is slight pain/ache in and around centre-right shoulder blade.

I tried various indigestion tablets and antacids which made no difference. It starts approx 10 mins after I wake up in the morning and continues all day. Not made worse by anything. Just constantly there. I got a GP prescription for omeprazole which I have taken once a day for the last 6 days but it is not having any effect as yet.

Any ideas?

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Literallyfedup Wed 04-Nov-20 17:08:20

Omeprazole takes time to work. I don't know how much your GP has prescribed but with a gerd attack like yours , you need 40 mg dose. Take it first thing in the morning and don't eat anything for atleast 30 minutes.
If things are really bad then take gaviscon tablet. I have taken it with omeprazole before. Take it after every meal for a couple days.
As to why you have it - may be you ate something that didn't agree with you. Environmental triggers are also possible if you normally suffer from allergies. Hormonal issues are also possible - pregnancy, perimenopause. And last is anxiety.
If nothing works there is always loratadine. It also works well with gerd as it block histamine in your stomach to produce too much acid.
Or you can water mixed with sodium bicarbonate which neutralise stomach acid. It only provides temporary relief as it does not control the cause.

NoSauce Wed 04-Nov-20 17:45:21

I had this earlier in the year, turns out it was H pylori.

Paddingtonthebear Wed 04-Nov-20 18:23:44

NoSauce. Did you have any other symptoms? I don’t have any stomach pain etc

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Namenic Wed 04-Nov-20 18:41:23

Please see your gp. It could be h pylori or it could be something cardiac - which it would be good to get checked out.

Paddingtonthebear Wed 04-Nov-20 18:44:14

I spoke to GP on phone 7 days ago, they gave me omeprazole prescription and said they would call in 4 weeks time to see how it’s going, though that was pre lockdown 2 so I probably will be pushed to bottom of pile

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Namenic Wed 04-Nov-20 19:03:35

Tell them about the shoulder pain and that it makes you breathless when u walk.


Paddingtonthebear Wed 04-Nov-20 19:09:01

Ok thanks

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NoSauce Wed 04-Nov-20 19:51:51

No not this time, just acid reflux every day. Went to see my GP expecting her to just give me omeprazole but she sent me for an endoscopy which showed gastritis, a biopsy revealed H pylori. I had it years ago and I did have stomach pains then.

Maybe give it till next week and if no better ring your GP again.

Bunnyfuller Sun 08-Nov-20 20:46:52

I had same symptoms. Exactly the same.

It was angina leading to a massive heart attack.

Go back to your GP.

Paddingtonthebear Thu 12-Nov-20 13:45:24

GP has said to finish the course of omeprazole, two weeks left to go

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Bunnyfuller Thu 12-Nov-20 17:30:28

Is it helping?

Paddingtonthebear Thu 12-Nov-20 18:23:08

No difference!

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Paddingtonthebear Thu 26-Nov-20 22:49:39

Finished omeprazole, slight improvement but not much (no shoulder pain anymore I think that was unrelated though). GP said I need a test for H Pylori

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