‘Buscapan’ and ‘Buscapan cramps’ for period pain

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JinglingHellsBells Wed 04-Nov-20 15:50:56

Buscopan is for IBS not period pain.

You need Tranexamic acid for period pain and / or see you GP for treatment.

LolalovesLondon Mon 02-Nov-20 21:58:57

Ah, it’s a contraception! I can’t take any of the hormones unfortunately!

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LolalovesLondon Mon 02-Nov-20 21:57:37

Going to research!

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LolalovesLondon Mon 02-Nov-20 21:57:17

Not heard of depo injection. Yes, I’ve seen the doctor. I can’t take the pill (any of them) or have the coil.

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Torvean32 Mon 02-Nov-20 21:54:28

Have you seen your GP about your painful periods?
There are drugs they can prescribe that can help.
Until then I'd ask a pharmacist about the best choice.
Personally I found buscopan and feminax to be useless. I ended up on the depo injection. Other ppl find tablet form contraceptives can help as can the coil.

LolalovesLondon Mon 02-Nov-20 21:40:44

I’ve been reading the threads on here about taking Buscapan for severe period pain but I’ve got a few questions - can anyone help?

What is the difference between Buscapan and buscapancramps ?
Do they make you light headed?
Do they give you headaches or Diarrhoea / constipation?

I don’t want to swop my hideous painful periods for any of the above!
Struggling to work when I have period pains & headaches/ diarrhoea would be even worse!

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