DH's weirdly low resting heart rate

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WankmasterBastardDeLaShithead Sun 25-Oct-20 20:02:47

DH (mid 40s, quite fit, but not elite/Olympic level!) has always had a low resting heart rate, but recently had got himself a Garmin watch with heart rate monitor, and it's worrying me how low it actually goes. It's low 40s on average, but quite often goes to low 30s. The other night he watched it dip to 29(!) and even he thought that was a bit concerning.

He went to the GP, and had some blood tests and an ECG, all of which came back normal. He doesn't have any other worrying symptoms (fainting etc). He's having a follow up appointment with the GP tomorrow, and I'm wondering how hard he should push for further tests (he's a v chilled out person, and would happily be "fobbed off").

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WankmasterBastardDeLaShithead Sun 25-Oct-20 20:03:57

Bloody annoying Android app wouldn't let me change the topic to "health".

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KnobJockey Sun 25-Oct-20 20:05:27

No answer, but my stepdad is like this. He had a major operation, should have taken a few hours. They left my mum waiting for news for 7 hours, as they had him in recovery for that long afterwards, worrying that his low heart rate was his heart failing after the anaesthetic

JacobReesMogadishu Sun 25-Oct-20 20:09:25

Dh’s resting pulse is 35. He has no issues due to thjs and never seen a dr about it so not had an ecg or blood tests, etc. He does go running quite a bit so fairly fit but he’s in his 50s so certainly not a young athlete.

He was in hospital a while back for something totally unrelated and the nurse didn’t want to discharge him because of his pulse. He laughed and said he’d be there for years if they were going to wait for it to go up!

I think if he doesn’t have symptoms and has had a normal ecg then I’m not sure anything else needs doing, but admit I’m no expert. What did his dr say?

user1495884620 Sun 25-Oct-20 20:09:39

I can't help, but it sounds like a great book title, very modern!

WankmasterBastardDeLaShithead Sun 25-Oct-20 20:15:10

User149... Haha!

And I'm glad to hear that other people seem to have reptilian circulatory systems.

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WankmasterBastardDeLaShithead Sun 25-Oct-20 20:16:54

@MNHQ - would you move this to general health? Thanks!

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BetterEatCheese Sun 25-Oct-20 20:16:56

My Dh is like this and my mum. When she was in labour with me they thought she was an athlete, couldn't believe it was 40bpm while labouring between contractions

Bidl Sun 25-Oct-20 20:19:45

How are you measuring it ? If it’s with a smart watch, I would query it’s accuracy tbh

marriednotdead Sun 25-Oct-20 20:22:36

My sister is also like this. Whenever she's been sleeping in hospital, someone comes round and wakes her up as they think she's in a coma.
Gets ridiculously cold very quickly inbetween hot flushes. As she's known for her love of sunshine, her boss asked if she'd rather have a rock and a heat lamp for her new office grin

WankmasterBastardDeLaShithead Sun 25-Oct-20 20:25:18

"her boss asked if she'd rather have a rock and a heat lamp for her new office " <snort!!>

It's definitely really that slow. I've heard it and timed it myself.

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radioband Sun 25-Oct-20 20:25:28

I have this problem. I went into hospital for an operation and was told my heart rate is that of an athletes. Mine does fluctuate depending on how active I am at the time, I think the lowest mine has gone is low 40s.

Lovelydovey Sun 25-Oct-20 20:26:21

Another one with a DH with a weirdly low heart rate - 45 bpm at rest. He does have atrial fibrillation at times so has had many ECGs etc and it appears to be just one of those things. He used to do a lot of exercise though very little now, though he is still very slim.

NiceTwin Sun 25-Oct-20 20:31:34

My father is like this, he is late 70's.
He was at the hospital for something not related to his heart and they were taking his pulse, blood pressure etc.
The nurse who did this said she was going to get him a wheelchair. When asked why, she said his pulse was low and she was worried he may faint.
Dad was like, no, it's fine, that's normal for me. She was flabbergasted.

butmumineedit Sun 25-Oct-20 20:56:11

My Dh is like this as well, once he was admitted to hospital with kidney stones and the consultant on the ward asked if he could bring round some junior drs to listen to his pulse/heart rate as it was at that time 38 beats per minute , now 20 yrs later it has creeped up to 42 beats a minute .

But his blood pressure on the other hand is sky high due to kidney problems .

He was admitted with a PE earlier this year and again lots of concerns from the drs with regards to his resting heart rate , he just laughed and said that's normal .

Tronkmanton Sun 25-Oct-20 21:03:20

My DH is the same - no known health problems, 45 years old & averagely fit.

spacegirl86 Sun 25-Oct-20 21:09:49

My hat in currently puts my resting at 43 avg for the last week. I would say in reality it's about 50. I was lying in a hospital bed a few years ago and kept setting off the alarm as it dipped below 50 (I think)but no one came running.

I'm really not physically fit, so the slightest exertion sends it skyrocketing. Interesting reading a pp, I also get cold really easily.

spacegirl86 Sun 25-Oct-20 21:10:17

Garmin not hat in!

ChaBishkoot Sun 25-Oct-20 21:11:34

Mine is between 39-42. And while I am reasonably fit I am very very far from being any kind of athlete.

SimonJT Sun 25-Oct-20 21:15:36

Mine varies between 37-42, I’m fairly fit (part time sportsman). Please don’t panic, its likely hes fine, and if he does need medication etc you being in a panic isn’t productive.

spacegirl86 Sun 25-Oct-20 21:16:08

I've just read up on it (dr google) and it can be a symptom of an underactive thyroid, which I have. Interesting.

ancientgran Sun 25-Oct-20 21:27:45

I'm nearly 70 and my resting heart rate is 50 something, which is a bit low but not that low. I have low blood pressure, I think last time they took it it was something like 85/55 and they weren't happy. I think it is linked to the fact that I feel faint if I stand still too long, I'm fine if I'm walking. My temperature never seems to reach normal even if I'm ill, it is usually about 36.

Not sure what it means but I often think I could have (for me) an abnormally high heart rate/blood pressure/temperature and no one would notice. Not sure if that should worry me.

ancientgran Sun 25-Oct-20 21:28:42

Spacegirl, that must be it, I have an underactive thyroid. I am on medication but it must be linked.

ChaBishkoot Sun 25-Oct-20 21:49:33

Ah I also have low BP. Or lower than the average person. 110/65 is normal for me. It said in my maternity notes to look out for my BP because what would be mildly elevated for some people would be quite high for me.

CatherineCawood Sun 25-Oct-20 21:49:38

Another one with a low pulse here. Seen it at 39, usually sit around 47 or so. I'm fit-ish, do run, was due to run London marathin this year. I am though overweight, about 4 stone by BMI or 2 stone by where I would like to be.

Also have good blood pressure and low temp and take thyroxine. Pretty sure it is all linked.

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