Is it worth contacting the GP re ear infection?

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Torvean32 Sun 25-Oct-20 00:28:38

I've had a few ear infections that have been bad. I have found that the pain eases on the 3rd day of antibiotics roughly 72 hours. Until it does take paracetamol and ibuprofen regularly
( as long as you can take them)

Geekster1963 Tue 20-Oct-20 23:09:30

I’ve had it a few days and I contacted my GP yesterday and have been given some antibiotics and a spray. I vomited a couple of times tonight and the pain is getting worse. It hurts when I press round my ear and I can’t lay on that side now. Is it just a case of giving the antibiotics chance to work as I’ve only had two doses so far. I’ve not got much experience with ear infections.

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