Easy/non explainable bruising?

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sarahjsdddd Fri 16-Oct-20 21:41:41

Hello all,

I just got out the shower and noticed on the under side of my arm I have all these bruises (I can't think anything that I've done that would cause) I do get quite a lot of bruises on my shins which I attributed to wrestling with a boisterous toddler, then I noticed I get them on my upper thighs too. I did notice this in March time but seemed to stop for a while. Does anyone have any reasons why this would happen or deficiency as of course I'm panicking the worst case scenario
I will call my doctors on Monday but panicking now sad

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Shahlalala Fri 16-Oct-20 21:47:59

I have anaemia (but take
Ferrous fumurate) and bruise really easily. Shins and thighs from my toddler, occasionally ones I have no idea about.

Definitely worth calling the Dr but don’t panic.

plixy Fri 16-Oct-20 21:54:52

I have always bruised easily. They also take ages to go. I can end up with huge ones on my legs sometimes, like I've walked into something. Either I have awful memory or I bruise really really easily!
I did get a blood test once to check for some deficiencies (cannot remember what!) but came back fine so dr wasn't bothered. Been like it since I was a teen so guess it's nothing to worry about.
But you could ask your dr for a blood test as there is obviously something they can test for!

picklemewalnuts Fri 16-Oct-20 21:58:44

I had bruises all up the inside of my arms from carrying/moving heavy and awkward things. I think pressure does it as well as bangs and bumps. Have you moved anything?

LadyFannyButton Sat 17-Oct-20 20:48:06

Do you carry the toddler?
My DS always had a firm grip and I used to have little bruises on the underside of my arms where his little fingers would grip my arm sometimes.

randomsabreuse Sat 17-Oct-20 20:52:42

Toddlers are good at leaving bruises in weird places! Pinching/grabbing when in angry about being carried mode is particularly pleasant...

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