Desperately need help with my skin / Dermatitis

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JamieLeeCurtains Wed 28-Oct-20 01:08:54

@secretgirl, whenever you use a steroid, you must wean yourself off it gradually. If you just stop, you'll likely get a reaction (flare-up).

Maze76 Wed 28-Oct-20 01:05:17

I have dermatitis in my scalp, folds of my nose, eyes brows and ears. I find Nizarol shampoo works for me, it can also be used as a body wash. Your GP can prescribe or it can bought over the counter. I also use Sulfar 8 ointment on my scalp in between washes. You can find this in Boots or online.

secretgirl Wed 14-Oct-20 22:08:48

Some pics

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Evieama123xx Wed 14-Oct-20 22:08:38

As a past eczema sufferer, steroids were the worst thing for my skin as id get used to them and as soon as I stopped it got x10 worse! I started using Aveeno moisturiser and body wash and my skin problems disappeared nearly overnight. There is also the shampoo. The Childs Farm skincare range is good no harsh chemicals.

secretgirl Wed 14-Oct-20 21:47:58

I am in desperate need of help with my scalp & skin.
I went to the doctor a while ago with a red itchy scaly hairline. He said it was dermatitis and gave me a liquid steroid to apply which works but when I stop using it, it flares back up. It has flared up quite badly twice recently and at this stage I think it is spreading down my forehead and across my cheeks. I look awful. Its itchy. Its scaly. I have had enough. Can anyone please help and advise me of what to do? I can't keep using a steroid. I'm in teats regularly over the state of me.

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