ct colonoscopy. Gastrografin prep.

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olderwhynotwiser Mon 12-Oct-20 20:45:37

It was one small bottle Torvean32. Half at 10.00 this morning and the rest at 6.00pm. Thanks for the tip about lime juice. The information recommended blackcurrant cordial which I tried before seeing your text.
It wasn't pleasant grin. Will try lime juice if I ever have to drink this again.smile

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Torvean32 Mon 12-Oct-20 03:08:26

Add lime juice to hide the taste. How nany do you have to take.

olderwhynotwiser Mon 12-Oct-20 00:00:41

Thanks for the reassurance fireandicecubes. I am taking this stuff tomorrow and I was a bit worried because I have a slight heart problem and I noticed on Google that there can be quite serious side effects but I am sure these are rare.

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fireandicecubes Sun 11-Oct-20 23:01:12

I’ve had this stuff twice, no side effects - it tastes of aniseed but it’s ok

olderwhynotwiser Sun 11-Oct-20 17:22:14

Hi. Has anyone any experience of taking Gastrografin prep for a ct colonoscopy? Any side effects? Thank you.

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