Small red mark on side of boob. Should i be concerned?

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Ringsender2 Wed 07-Oct-20 20:26:49

I've got a small pale red splodge on the side of my breast. It's perfectly smooth and maybe only 3-5 mm across. I didn't used to have it and i think it's got a bit bigger (but I wondered if my boobs are just getting bigger and it's stretching, like a pattern on a balloon confused).

Should I be concerned or is it just an age spot or something. See pic (hopefully not too revealing?)

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FlatandFabulous Thu 08-Oct-20 02:19:38

Is it itchy? If so I would get it checked out as soon as you can.

Mintjulia Thu 08-Oct-20 02:36:38

Have you checked your bra? That looks a bit like a mark left by a protruding bra wire.

Fallowdeerhunter Thu 08-Oct-20 10:46:31

I had similar and panicked about that type of breast cancer that appears as a flat rash but 4 years later it’s still there and not changed at all, I think it’s just tiny spider veins. I’d pop to the doctor and get it checked then you can forget about it

Ringsender2 Thu 08-Oct-20 13:03:26

Thanks all. No, not a proddy bit of bra. Not itchy. Not thread veins....!

I think I'll book a GP appointment

If anyone else has had this type of thing I'd be glad to hear.


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Miljea Fri 09-Oct-20 21:16:27

I can assure you that this isn't breast cancer. That's not how it presents. It's an 'age spot'.

Ringsender2 Sun 11-Oct-20 19:17:03

Thanks @Miljea, that's reassuring! Just so I know, are you an HP, or have you suffered from breast or other cancer?

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Miljea Thu 15-Oct-20 15:54:07


Ringsender2 Fri 16-Oct-20 21:23:46

Thanks @miljea! Just ancient boobs then!

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Miljea Tue 20-Oct-20 20:56:21

Yeah, they do that. 😂

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