Possible rotator cuff injury

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thestarvingcaterpillar Wed 07-Oct-20 12:06:09

I possibly have a rotator cuff injury, i've been in pain for over a month now can't lift my arm out in front or to the side higher than 45degrees, the pain is excrutiating. Doc sent me for an x-ray last week (results not back yet). Does anyone have experience of this injury, what is the treatment for it, how long is recovery? TIA

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felineflutter Wed 07-Oct-20 12:10:20

Yes I have had this a couple of times after swimming. I just took pain relief and was careful to rest the arm. It did take a while to heal - maybe 6 weeks.

Sorry not much help but I do remember that it was really painful. flowers I am careful now as if I feel a slight twinge in that area I minimise further injury by rest.

Fyzz Wed 07-Oct-20 21:27:40

Yes I got it in both arms in January. Excruciating. I would say it took a good three months to improve and I was on painkillers 24/7 for longer than that.
In my case it happened at the same time as a major rheumatoid flare up.

ProudAuntie76 Wed 07-Oct-20 21:42:09

It’s generally an awful injury. I was referred for weekly physio which I’m still having and still in agony for and I’ve been told it will take up to six months to recover as it’s one of the worst muscle injuries going. Can’t sleep at night with the pain and scared of getting addicted to anything stronger. Physio has helped with the range of movement though, it’s just a long, painful process.

nessnessness Wed 07-Oct-20 23:11:06

Another one here. Having physio but bloody hell, it hurts! And when you 'catch' it unexpectedly - the pain is indescribable. My saviour has been my TENS machine, a real blessing and it has meant less regular painkillers. I'm plugged in now!

Clearthinking Wed 07-Oct-20 23:14:24

My husband did this. Went through nhs and was told it would be quicker if he was private he could get an op but to manage with pain killers. We did some research and he got one of those shoulder strap things and literally wore it for 6 weeks and it actually healed very well. It's a specific type like when you break your collar bone. Bloody annoying having his arm strapped and crossed over. Even wore it in bed but it did heal

Runkle Thu 08-Oct-20 02:01:13

Did the Dr mention physio? Can you self refer? Physio and prescription painkillers helps but it will take time. If private physio is an option then I'd definitely go down that route.


thestarvingcaterpillar Thu 08-Oct-20 10:47:55

Thank you all for the replies, I have another doctor appointment on Monday unfornatetly all appointments are telephone at the minute and I really need them to see how bad it is. I have thought about strapping it up @Clearthinking so it's interesting that that worked for your DH. I think if i get no where on monday then private physio will be the way to go @Runkle

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Fyzz Thu 08-Oct-20 11:54:01

@thestarvingcaterpillar I wouldn't worry about it being a telephone appointment, mine was.
In a gruelling coincidence I was also mid radiotherapy for breast cancer for which you have to hold your arms above your head. When I described it to the doctor she said straight away that's a rotor cuff injury.
I actually cried at the GP. I was given pain killers but I was already on them for a major RA flare.
I didn't have physio although you can self refer at our GP.
This started 10 months ago and while I am fine now I have to be careful as it's easily triggered.

CoffeeChouxBun Thu 08-Oct-20 12:05:28

I have a chronic shoulder impingement- related to rotator cuff.The severe inflammation went down in a month by resting it completely and taking ibuprofen- not just for pain relief but to actually reduce inflammation... but i haven't been able to 'heal' it 18 months on. I've just had to change the way I use that arm. I saw a sports physio twice- for diagnosis, advice and a bit of physio. Can't afford any more sessions so just having to live with it and be careful. I use a lot of ibuprofen gel and I like heat on it so bought a fantastic heated throw that I can wrap all around my shoulder and arm.

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