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Anyone's toddler had their teeth knocked out? Advice please.

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TicTacsMum Thu 11-Oct-07 15:41:54

Follwing on from my other thread, I'm looking for advice from any parents or dentists who have expreience of this.

We can't see our dentist till at least next week and would like to know the options available.

DD, 22 months, had her 2 top front teeth knocked out yesterday. We don't know exactly how it happened. I have managed to retrieve one of the teeth but was told that there was nothing that can be done.

What should we expect now? Dp has read on US sites about 'spacers' being fitted on very young children to help keep the gap so that the teeth at either side of the gap wont start growing in the way.

It has also been suggested that the dentist might need to xray to see if there is any tooth still left in the gum. If this were the case, it would need to be removed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


pooka Thu 11-Oct-07 15:49:15

I really think that you should probably try and see a dentist quicker TBH. Isn't your dd very sore?
Why can you not go as an emergency, at least to see whether you can get X-rays for her and so that you can ensure that no tooth shard remaining.
I know that I fell out of my cot at a similar age. My mother rushed me to the dentist, who made sure all tooth gone. I have a mark on my adlt front incisor that corresponds with the impact on my baby incisor - like an irregularity - that my current dentist commented on and asked whether I'd knocked my baby tooth.

spookybatoscar Thu 11-Oct-07 15:55:10

DS knocked his front tooth out on a Brio train set bridge support. He was 17 mths and it was boxing day hmm

DH and I took him with the tooth (whole thing, root and all) to A&E and they said there was nothing that could be done. We just had to wait til his adult tooth grows to fill the gap.

Its nearly 3 years ago now and there has been no negative effects really.

Hope that reassures you

TicTacsMum Thu 11-Oct-07 15:56:07

To be honest I would have expected her to have been complaining more of being sore. I gave her some calpol when we got home yesterday and she is actually pretty much her normal self today. Except, of course, that she doesn't look at all like herself to dp and myself.

The dentist I saw yesterday really wasn't too phased at all but I might see if I can see a different one today.

RosaTransylvania Thu 11-Oct-07 16:04:02

This happened to DD2 when she was a toddler. There really is nothing they can do. I cried and cried every time I looked at her for a few days and then we all got used to it. Her big teeth grew in last year (she is seven now) and there appear to be no problems. The dentist at the time said there was no point in X-raying, as if any tooth was left in the gum it would be pushed out by the new tooth growing down.
We are still no wiser about how DD2's happened either, except that she had a habit of gnawing on the metal handle of her stroller.

spookybatoscar Thu 11-Oct-07 16:06:26

I was devasted by DS's new apperance. I was with him when he cut that tooth so I was quite fond of it IYKWIM. Now it's like he never had 2 front teeth, you just get used to the gap, you really do

tortoiseSHELL Thu 11-Oct-07 16:47:36

Definitely see a dentist - I think it can affect the positioning of the second teeth if they lose the baby teeth too early, so definitely get some good dental advice. Sorry this happened.

Ds1 chipped his front tooth , he fell over in the playground and smashed his face up a bit - grazed his nose etc, and a few days later we noticed his tooth was chipped. However it fell out after a few months anyway. When the new one came through it had a 'stripe' across the bottom - our friends who are dentists said that when he bashed the baby one, the root had bashed the new one in the gum, and given the enamel a 'mottled' appearance, but that it was healthy.

schilke Thu 11-Oct-07 17:01:13

Ds2 knocked one of his bottom front teeth ou when he was nearly 2. He ran into the wall with a kazoo in his mouth. Saw a dentist the next day, but he said it would be fine. I grew rather fond of his gap - made him look cheeky! He's now 7 and the adult tooth grew through fine.

MarshaBrady Thu 11-Oct-07 17:07:45

Ds lost a front tooth when he was nearly 2. We took him to A&E but they also said there was nothing that could be done.
I was so upset.
He's still a happy boy, and speech seems to be fine (2.5) and I don't notice the gap at all anymore.
I know it's not nice to happen, we had the same worries and felt sick about it, but the difference you see does fade.
Let us know if a dentist says you should do anything, our A&E dentist said there wasn't anything we could do, but would like to be sure!

Marne Thu 11-Oct-07 17:15:58

Dsd had hers knocked out when she was 2, they could'nt do anything so she has been with out teeth for 5 years, now her big teath are growing and she's so pleased with them.

She looks od with teath as im used to her without them.

TicTacsMum Thu 11-Oct-07 19:26:34

After taking advice from a different dentist and also A&E today it seems that there really isn't anything that can be done at this stage. I'll hopefully manage to get dd to our own dentist next week and we'll have to take it from there.

Thanks for all posts. It seems that we will grow to love her gappy smile!!

summer111 Thu 11-Oct-07 19:39:51

Ds smashed his front tooth when he was two and I took him to a dental specialist for advice. He removed what was left of the tooth and it's root, as he suggested that leaving some in situ might create an infection which would damage his underlying adult tooth. His adult tooth grew perfectly at aged seven and he is now the proud owner of a fab set of pearly whites!

ManxMum Thu 11-Oct-07 19:48:18

DS1 knocked his 2 front teethe out on a window sill when he was 2. He had to have an x-ray to check that he hadn't swalloed them, which, thankfully, he hadn't.

Left well alone and I am please to say 20 years on he has the most wonderful STRAIGHT teeth.

He us now awaiting the removal of all 4 wisdom's sad

callmeovercautious Thu 11-Oct-07 19:56:44

My Sisters DS2 broke his front tooth falling off a chair. Blood everywhere etc! 1 hour later he was full of smiles and you would never have known he had been in pain at all.

They did not find the tooth and the Dentist said he had probably swallowed it. However a few months later he was at mine and was hanging upside down off the sofa when I noticed a tooth in the gap. It appears it had just been pushed back up and has since grown back down to almost the same length as the other front tooth. Perhaps if you could not find both this is what happened to your DD?

And gaps are cute smile

Woollymummy Tue 23-Oct-07 08:32:47

My dd just did the same thing. It took me 24 hrs to stop sobbing. I saw the whole thing happen, re-lived it a million times. Now I just think she will have the loveliest little smile, not exactly bridesmaid-stylee, more piratish! It's good to hear she is not the only one that has done it, and that the outcome can be good. Poor little thing, she was sooo quiet after it happened, but was back on form two hours later and was VERY happy with her mermaid sticker from the dentist!

fourinfiveyears Wed 27-Jul-16 11:30:56

My 2yr son fell off bike and handlebars knocked out the front upper middle tooth. we couldn't find the tooth. MaxFacial surgeon's advice was that if you can't find the tooth main risk is that aspirated (swallowed into the lungs) and so chest x-ray recommended. Another risk is that the tooth is rammed up into the gum and can become infected or cause gum trouble so upper jaw x-ray from dentist recommended.
Had the tooth been found they may have tried to put it back in, so supposed to rush to A&E with the toddler and the tooth.
otherwise, the kids do fine without it.
No need to worry! This can happen to any parent, however cautious we are. Please don't cry over it.

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