Varifocal Contacts lenses? Mono lenses? Or contact lenses plus reading glasses?

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PamDemic Fri 02-Oct-20 06:30:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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countrygirl99 Fri 02-Oct-20 06:36:00

Another option is different lenses in each eye. Your brain works out which to use. I found varifocal contacts made me feel nauseous - apparently it's quite common. I wear varifocal glasses normally but switch to different contacts when I'm doing activities that don't suit glasses.

ConstantlyCooking Fri 02-Oct-20 06:50:00

I am st the same stage and the opticians let me try the different options of a couple of weeks each with free samples. Unfortunately I didn't get on with either varifocal lenses or the one long-sighted/ one short-sighted option so it's contacts plus reading glasses for me!

EerilyDeleted Fri 02-Oct-20 06:55:53

I've been wearing mono lenses (one slightly undercorrected) for over 10 years now and it's been a brilliant solution for me. I have a strong prescription, I'm wearing -9 in both eyes but my right eye is undercorrected with that, I used to wear -10. My optician tweaks the prescription for me every few years. There are times when I struggle slightly with reading now (low light conditions) but otherwise it's great.

Waiohwai Fri 02-Oct-20 07:00:58

I've just got varifocal lenses, and getting on really well. My distance vision is fine with them, close up ok, but not perfect. But I can add reading glasses on the odd occasion I need to. Had previously tried different (contact) lens prescription in each eye and hated it, so had been using glasses to correct shortsightedness (moving them a bit further away from my eyes improved close up vision, but it was getting to the point that my nose wasn't long enough...).
Didn't have high hopes of varifocal lenses, and was fully expecting to end up with lenses for distance vision plus reading glasses, but as soon as I tried them I really liked them.

HeartZone Fri 02-Oct-20 07:03:55

As above, varifocal lenses work for me. I have a mix - glasses half the week and lenses half the week, each having their upsides.

ineedaholidaynow Fri 02-Oct-20 07:09:42

I have one varifocal lens as have a toric lens for astigmatism in the other eye. For most things it is ok, but for really close up work I have to add cheap reading glasses


PamDemic Fri 02-Oct-20 07:54:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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lightlypoached Fri 02-Oct-20 07:54:46

I tried them all and it was a pain. So I got lasered. One eye for distance and one for close up - it's called mono vision. Absolutely transformed my life. No glasses and can wear lovely non prescription sunglasses.

Seriously worth the money.

iwannascream Fri 02-Oct-20 08:01:27

I used to wear contacts and reading glasses, refused variofocal glasses for years, then last year I tried them and have never gone back to my contacts. Ive got a -5.50 & -5.75 prescription and they thinned the lenses down put in a slight tint and as an added bonus no screen time headaches either. I work with computers all day so had headaches quite a bit. Have you not given varifocal glasses a thought ?

Footle Fri 02-Oct-20 08:12:52

@countrygirl99 , that's what mono vision means - different prescription for each eye.

Artus Fri 02-Oct-20 08:13:19

Another vote for varifocal lenses. I wore them for years but eventually as I got older, reached the end of the technology and had to add reading classes for close work. When I found I was having to wear glasses as well as lenses all day at work I ditched the lenses for varifocal glasses

RosieBdy Fri 02-Oct-20 08:20:43

As someone else mentioned, I too have different strength lenses in each eye.
It sounds strange, but it's amazing how your brain adapts!
Cost wise, the adapted lenses were too much for me to consider, but this works really well for the same price that I was paying before.

Chasingsquirrels Fri 02-Oct-20 08:37:08

I've been consulting with my optician for the last few months, it's taking some time due to lockdown and reduced appointments etc, but I feel like we are getting there.
My distance was fine but my close vision has been gradually deteriorating and had reached the point of being unworkable.

Tried multifocal lenses, which made distance worse and didn't improve close vision, so no good.
Didn't want to do normal lenses plus reading glasses - might as well wear normal glasses and take them off for reading (which is what I've been doing since lockdown).
Tried mono-vision and it appears to work for me, but we are currently playing with the strengths to get the best all round result. I've got an astigmatism in my dominant eye which doesn't help.

My mum (mid-70's) has had mono-vision lenses for about 20 years now.
She was told mono-vision was cheaper than multifocal, so they'd try them first but less people could adapt to them. Don't know how true that was/is.

I've been really pleased with the help and advice from the optician who is dealing with this - Specsavers. She is relatovely new, I think still in a probation period and very keen, plus consults with her boss about anything she isn't sure about. She has been proactive in contacting me and thinking about the solutions.

underneaththeash Fri 02-Oct-20 09:46:09

You just need to try all the different options OP - it’s not one size fits all approach. Unlike other lenses where I often have a clear favourite, it really is trial and error When it comes to contact lenses when you need a different prescription for distance and near.

Ask your optician fir a selection of trial pairs and then go back in for a check up wearing the ones that are best (you need to have them in for at least 1 hour). Then they can tinker about with them to get the best fit.

You can also try a normal lens in one eye and a verification in the other - that often works if you’re finding distance vision blurred with a varifical in both.

PamDemic Fri 02-Oct-20 11:14:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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