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what is normal for blood pressure ?

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jamiesmom Tue 19-Oct-04 11:36:49

My dp went for a check up with the nurse at doctors surgery Thursday and was told he has dangerously high blood presure and asked to come back this morning, he went back and it's still realy high, 178/80. Does anyone knoe what is the normal blood presure for a male, 33 years old, non-smoker, who rarly drinks? He now has to go to see the doctor on Friday

jampot Tue 19-Oct-04 11:38:36

I think a standard is 100 + your age (top number) over roughly half for the bottom figure

foxinsocks Tue 19-Oct-04 11:38:55

I think it is anything under or around 120/80. I'm not a health expert though and only know this cos dh's bp is 140/90 so we have healthy eating plan etc. (though we eat healthily anyway).

MummyToSteven Tue 19-Oct-04 11:39:51

sorry to hear that about your dp, jamiesmom. top end of normal is 140/90. bottom end of normal of is 120/70. a bit pants really that he couldn't see the doc today and has been left hanging till Friday.

jamiesmom Tue 19-Oct-04 11:45:08

thanks for the quick responce, i thought it was around 120/80 but wasn't too sure, have to wait till friday now to see what the doctor says

foxinsocks Tue 19-Oct-04 11:46:35

here's the blood pressure association page in case you want more info

blood pressure association

strawberry Tue 19-Oct-04 11:46:58

According to NICE, people with a blood pressure over 140/90 should be assessed for other risk factors (eg. cholesterol). Those over 160/100 should be treated. Doctors are usually most concerned with the bottom number and your DH's is actually normal (ie. 80). But the top figure is quite high. Also some people find being at the doc's rather stressful and this makes their BP go artificially high. HTH

unicorn Tue 19-Oct-04 11:48:21

jamiesmom.. sending my sympathies for your dp..

my dh has high blood pressure at the moment, he has been given some drugs to try and bring it down..
(he IS overweight, and does drink too much.. but Doctor said these factors AREN'T generally the cause)

Just make sure it is regularly monitored.

jellyhead Tue 19-Oct-04 11:49:01

The firsr reading [systolic] is as a very rough guide about 100 plus your age. This tends to be the measurement affected by stress, exercise etc. The second reading [diastolic] is usually 70-90.
BP readings differ for individuals throughout the day so your dp will probably have to have a few more readings before being diagnosed as having a consistently high BP.
I think saying it is dangerously high is a bit much, that would scare anyone into a high BP reading!! Most Drs are more concerned if the diastolic is high as this reflects your health more a reading of 80 is quite good
Hope it goes OK on Friday

lou33 Tue 19-Oct-04 11:53:03

mine is generally 100/60, sometimes 110/60

bundle Tue 19-Oct-04 11:53:14

jamiesmom, one reading is now regarded as inadequate and anxiety itself about the bp reading can push it up, so get the gp to take a few. also an ambulatory (24 hr) reading could be taken where you wear a gadget for a whole day, to rule out white coat hypertension (a friend of mine has this, it's quite common). they'll want to take a family history and look at diet etc (eg salt) and exercise, but don't panic, it's good that this has been picked up. x

bundle Tue 19-Oct-04 11:53:59

(mine's usually 120/70 ish)

Skate Tue 19-Oct-04 12:01:34

Standard text book BP is 120/80. Mines always lower at around 110/60, even when pregnant.

It's good it's been picked up though, that does seem quite high. Let us know how he gets on.

popsycal Tue 19-Oct-04 13:57:19

that is pretty the high oend of normal but ok

popsycal Tue 19-Oct-04 13:57:43

mine is 145/100 atm and i am off sick as i am pregnant

Pidge Tue 19-Oct-04 14:01:44

popsycal - wish I could trade you some of my low blood pressure (85/50) I keep nearly keeling over every time I stand up. But am well aware that this is not a problem, and puts me in the lucky camp. Any prognosis on how long you'll be kept off work?

popsycal Tue 19-Oct-04 14:09:59

hi pidge - i am off to the docs tomorrow or thurs (must double check). sick note runs out on monday (then have half term off). not sure what will happen after that.
i really cant face work - if it has settled, an hour inside that building will send it soaring again

kid Tue 19-Oct-04 22:59:17

Pidge, I have the same as you. When pregnant with DS, my BP was 90/55
My dad has been checking his BP at home. His readings have been 155/104, 166/97, 160/97
He won't go Drs though. We even threatened to make an appt for him and we got told off by him!

spacemonkey Tue 19-Oct-04 23:00:25

sorry to veer off topic but hello kid, how are you settling in after your house exchange?

kid Tue 19-Oct-04 23:03:57

Hi Spacemonkey, we are loving it here. Shame about the weather as the garden isn't get used now! We are still doing the kitchen, started it just after moving in and still haven't finished 3 months on! Did do DD's room though and that is beautiful! How about you, missing your old house, any regrets? I don't have any, but then I only moved a couple of streets away!

spacemonkey Tue 19-Oct-04 23:07:33

Glad you like your new home, I don't miss my old house at all, I like living in London very much, but am skint so haven't been able to do any decorating yet, still living with previous tenant's decor which isn't quite to my taste!

October Tue 19-Oct-04 23:09:10

Message withdrawn

kid Tue 19-Oct-04 23:11:15

the old tenants decoration can't be as bad as the doors that are here. We just haven't got round to sanding and painting them yet! They have that grain effect in white and grey on one side and then they are dark brown on the other, I like white doors! plus our passage looks like a cloudy sky!
(sorry for hijacking this thread)

spacemonkey Tue 19-Oct-04 23:17:09

argh, sounds horrid

well it's just grubby here really, needs a good coat of white paint everywhere

and i still have boxes to unpack!

Flossam Tue 19-Oct-04 23:53:32

The 100 + age thing is out of date now. 100-130/60-80 is most normal. But the focus is much more now on what is normal for the patient. If your husband has high blood pressure but there is no other cause for it (which should be checked out) then that is just his normal. It is most likely to be connected to high cholesterol though which can be treated with medication if changes to diet don't help. Let us know how he does!

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