UTI - stuck in limbo. Help!

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Flatwhite32 Thu 24-Sep-20 20:31:34

Hi everyone. I'm 24 weeks pregnant, and a urine culture done in a lab found out that I had a UTI containing a bacteria only treatable with IV antibiotics. Because of Covid and the fact I was mostly asymptomatic, the hospital didn't want to administer the antibiotics without a second culture and sent me home. I've since developed a lot of pressure down at the bottom of my abdomen, urges to pee all the time, but still don't have typical infection signs like fever etc. GP or hospital have said they can't do anything until we get the results, even though I'm getting increasingly uncomfortable. Does anyone on here know how long lab cultures take? My repeat sample was done on Tuesday night, so I imagine it wouldn't have gone to the lab til Wednesday. Thank you!

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